Hi there, I’m JJ, and welcome To EverydayQuery!

Founded in 2022, we created this project to be the most complete resource on the web for your everyday questions when it comes to retail, shopping experiences, and overall consumer questions. This was especially important to us considering how frustrating it can be to find reliable information on the web that’s also accurate. So, we set out to fix the problem and become consumer advocates!

Our focus is primarily on retail shopping from the consumer’s perspective, however, we cover a lot of everyday life experiences. This includes grocery shopping, banking, using applications, and other types of small businesses and industries.

So, in short, we’re a team of passionate consumers whose mission is to provide the best answers to your everyday questions. Not with rubbish, but with the true information that gets to the root of every consumer’s problem!

Not only do we cover questions that consumers would want to know about popular stores such as Walmart or Publix, but we also give in-depth feedback from the employee’s point of view. Our content is written by experts with real experience in these various businesses so you can get to the root of your problem and come away satisfied and know you have the best info there is!

When it comes to consumer questions, we make sure to get out there and get those questions answered rather than regurgitate what’s already out there on the web. Our consumer questions are written by real shoppers who frequent these stores and have experience on all of the topics. We also enlisted the help of experienced workers in the retail industry to help provide accurate and reliable answers.

Here you’ll find in-depth content that’s original, and get to the root of your search query. Hence, that’s how we got our name! We hope that you find all of the information here beneficial, and something you can come away happy with. Happy reading!