Target Diaper Return Policy – Exchanges & Refunds Explained

Target is a great place for families needing any type of baby products, especially diaper essentials. The prices are fair, and there’s an abundance of brands to choose from such as Huggies, Pampers, and even Targets own label; up&up. But what happens when you need to return or exchange those diapers? What’s Targets diaper return policy?

Targets diaper return policy allows most unopened items in new condition to be returned or exchanged within 90 days. Additionally, it is worth noting that while Target does accept diaper returns without a receipt, doing so is at their discretion.

I’ve put together this guide that dives into how Target handles different return scenarios, such as exchanges, opened packages, and no-receipt situations. Knowing these details will save you time and effort, making the process much smoother when dealing with diaper-related purchases. Let’s hop into it!

Requirements for Returning Diapers To Target

Here are the various scenarios and what you need to know for each.

With Receipt

When you have your receipt, and it’s been less than 90 days since the purchase, Target’s return policy allows you to return unopened diaper items. It’s really that simple, and you’ll be entitled to the full refund, not partial. The refund will go back to the same payment method you used for purchase, but understand it takes some time for debit and credit cards.

With ID

If you don’t happen to have your receipt but wish to return the diapers within the 90-day days, Target may still accept the return. They can look up the purchase, and Target may issue store credit instead  Make sure to bring a valid ID for the return process.

Unopened Diapers

Target’s return policy requires diapers to be unopened and in good condition for a successful return. That’s a stark contrast from companies like Amazon who typically don’t take the return unless there’s a damage or defect with the diaper; meaning unopened doesn’t matter.

If you paid for the diapers with a Target RedCard™, you would have an extra 30 days to return them, giving you 120 days in total. So, having that membership benefit really does help.

Opened Diapers

Target does not explicitly mention the return policy for opened diapers, but some have reported that they’ve been able to get these returns handled on a case by case basis. In this case these diapers likely have defects, and the only way you’ll know that is by opening them in the first place.

If it’s just a situation where you opened them and realized they were the wrong size, you might be able to still return them, but in most cases the packaging has to be intact and unopened.

Exchanging Your Diapers at Target

Handling diaper exchanges at Target is simple and convenient, whether you made your purchase in-store or online. We’ll go over each of these in detail so you know what to expect!

In-Store Diaper Exchange

If you need to exchange diapers at a Target store, you can do so within the same purchase window. Exchanges must be unopened items and remain in new condition. In some cases, if you have a receipt, even opened diaper packages might be accepted for an exchange.

Online Purchase Diaper Exchange

For diapers purchased online at, you can exchange them by calling Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869. If the diaper you wish to exchange is available, they can process a return and place a new order for you, honoring the original purchase price. The return window for online orders begins once the order is invoiced.

With that in mind, there are some situations where you can’t exchange the diapers. For example, items sold by Target Plus Partners cannot be exchanged.

Different Sizes

If you’ve accidentally bought the wrong size diapers or your baby has quickly outgrown them, Target graciously accepts returns for unopened and unused diapers . You can either ask for an exchange or a full refund. Bring the diapers to your closest Target store along with your receipt, and they’ll guide you through the process.

Different Brands

Target’s diaper return policy applies to all brands, including their own Target Owned Brands. If you’re unsatisfied with a Target Owned Brand item, you may return it within one year of purchase with a receipt for an exchange or a refund.

Regarding other diaper brands sold by Target, their return policy stays the same as with different sizes – a full refund or exchange within 90 days, granted the diaper package is unopened and unused. If you have purchased online, you can return the diapers to by mail within the 90-day window for a full refund.

Returning Diapers From Baby Registries

If you have received diapers as part of your baby registry at Target, you can return or exchange them within a year if they are part of a Target Owned Brand item, as long as you have a receipt. Be sure to keep track of your registry items and their corresponding receipts to ensure a smooth return process. 

Refund Methods

When returning diapers to Target, it’s essential to understand the different refund methods available. Here are the main options:

Store Credit

If you don’t have a receipt for the diapers you’re returning, Target may still accept the return within the 90-day window. In such cases, Target will offer you store credit instead of a cash refund. This can be a convenient way to get the value of your returned diapers back, allowing you to purchase a different size or brand on your next shopping trip.

Target Gift Card

A Target Gift Card is another option for receiving your refund when returning diapers. This can be an ideal choice if you plan to use the refund for future purchases at Target. Target Gift Cards can be used in-store and online, giving you the flexibility to choose how and when you want your refund.


In case you paid for the diapers using a Visa or Mastercard, Target will refund the amount directly to the card you used. This refund method ensures the funds are returned to the original payment method, making it a seamless and convenient process for you. It may take a few days for the refund to appear in your account, depending on your bank’s processing times.

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