Can You Put Clothes In Walmart Layaway – Here’s What’s Eligible

You might think layaway is becoming a thing of the past in most stores, especially when it comes to clothing. However, before you go to Customer Service with armfuls of clothing at Walmart, do your research: Can you put clothes in Walmart layaway?

Clothing cannot be put into Walmart layaway. Layaway is only available for items such as electronics, furniture, and jewelry. Layaway at Walmart is seasonal and the purchase must be at least $50 in value to be eligible.

Layaway programs still exist in most Walmart stores and include several items, though clothing is not one of them. Keep reading to learn more about the layaway program at Walmart.

What Items Can Be Put In Walmart Layaway

Layaway programs are almost always used for items with a higher price tag.

Even though you may want to purchase a shopping cart full of clothing items at Walmart, each item is not very expensive. Therefore, Walmart will not accept articles of clothing as part of the layaway program.

Walmart, instead, wants items in layaway that have a higher price tag, such as:

  • Electronics that do not include a phone plan
  • Furniture, including baby furniture 
  • Toys for kids and babies
  • Jewelry
  • Small appliances

As you can see, most of these items are easily over $100, although some toys for children can be cheaper. Similarly, one piece of jewelry can be worth more than a shopping cart overflowing with clothing.

Fewer, higher-priced items also mean less room will be taken up in the store.

Ways To Purchase Clothes Without Layaway

Layaway may not be an option for clothing at Walmart, but there are other ways to get the items you need.

Open A Credit Card

Almost everyone has a credit card these days, but credit cards are usually easy to open if you’re late to the game.

Since you may be opening a credit card to help manage money, I recommend finding a credit card without a yearly fee. There are a lot of options these days!

Open A Walmart Credit Card

You can also open a credit card with Walmart specifically.

Your credit limit will vary based on your credit score, and your credit limit may not be very high if you do not yet have established credit.

If you need a few pieces of clothes to get you through the season, even one of the lower limits may be helpful for you.

Save Your Money

Saving is the old-fashioned way of getting the money you need to make a large purchase.

When I save, I like to do so in cash. I can take money out of my bank account and stash it away. I tell myself the money doesn’t exist, so I do not get tempted to spend it.

You cannot do this in a pinch unless you have an emergency fund, but if you know you have a big purchase coming up, start saving now!

Use An Afterpay Program

Afterpay programs are becoming almost more popular than layaway programs because you can use them online when shopping.

Some of these programs are called Afterpay with a capital “A” or Klarna, but more and more options are popping up all the time. 

The downside is that they usually cannot be used in-store.

Get A Loan From Friends Or Family

You can also get a small loan from friends or family to get you through your purchase.

Since you are purchasing clothing, these may only be a few hundred dollars. People in a more comfortable financial situation may be able to loan you some money to help you with your purchases.

Other Reasons Why Walmart May Not Put Your Items In Layaway

As convenient as layaway is, you should be aware of some limitations to using the layaway program. These are other limitations besides having clothing in your order or something else that is not allowed.

Your Item Is Too Cheap

If you have books in your order that are a steal at less than $10, you will not be able to include them in your order.

According to the website, each item in your order must be over $10. 

You can have 100 items over that threshold, but if you have one item under that threshold, that individual item will be rejected. 

You Did Not Reach The Total Minimum

Your order total needs to be at least $50.

Layaway is not right for you if you only have one or two items that do not total more than $50. And remember: each item also needs to be more expensive than $10.

You Cannot Afford The Down Payment

You must pay either $10 or 10% of the order as a down payment. Remember that the store will choose whichever is greater, not less, as most options like this are.

For instance, if you have items totaling $120, you will need to pay $12 as a down payment, not the $10 listed first.

This number can quickly increase if you have an extremely large layaway order.

You Did Not Pay On Previous Layaway Plans

People with a history of not paying on layaway programs may not be eligible for another layaway.

When you create a layaway plan and do not stay current, that wastes the employee’s time. Everyone falls on hard times once or twice, but people who do this constantly may not be allowed to continue.

You Are Not Old Enough

You must be 18 to open a layaway.

Did you know that there is an age limit for opening layaway? Well, now you do!

Layaway programs are technically funded through a line of credit, so you need to be an adult to open one of these accounts.

Your alternate pick-up persons also need to be over 18, so do not list your teenage child as someone who can pick up the order.

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