Does Pet Supermarket Take Unwanted Fish

Taking care of a fish is a big responsibility. You may experience life changes that make taking care of an exotic fish difficult. If you cannot care for a fish, you may consider surrendering it to someone who can.

However, it is important to know that Pet Supermarket does not accept unwanted fish.

Continue reading for more information on why Pet Supermarket cannot take your fish and what to do instead. 

Pet Supermarket Fish Policy

One of the biggest reasons Pet Supermarket does not take unwanted fish is contamination. Introducing fish from other environments increases the risk of fungal contamination to others.

Because of this, Pet Supermarket will not take your unwanted fish. If you have an unwanted fish, do not try to get rid of it immediately. Here’s what you should do instead. 

Why Do Fish Get Surrendered?

Although it is unfortunate, there are many reasons a fish owner might need to surrender their fish. 

  • Aggression – Some fish are prone to aggression. Owners may find that a particular fish may be too aggressive towards the rest of the fish in the aquarium. For the sake of the other fish, the owner may try to rehome it. 
  • Rapid Growth – Many fish, like goldfish, grow based on their surrounding. Some goldfish that were released into the wild grow to 20 pounds. Fish can continue to grow when they are introduced to a new environment, overwhelming a fish owner. 
  • External – As we experience big life changes, like marriage, children, and aging parents, taking care of an exotic fish may fall below your priority list. Instead of letting the fish suffer from neglect, it may be better to rehome the fish. 

If you believe you need to surrender your fish, the first thing to do is to continue caring for it. Try to continue the same feeding schedule for your fish as you find a solution for rehoming your fish. 

How to Rehome a Fish

Now that you know that Pet Supermarket does not accept unwanted fish let’s look at the alternatives to rehoming a fish. Remember that rehoming a fish can be a long process, so continue caring for your fish until you can find a humane way to rehome the creature. 

  • Contact your local fish store – There are some stores like Petco that will take unwanted fish if they are surrendered. However, this policy varies by store, so it’s best to call ahead. A local “mom and pop” store is one of the best places to call. Because small businesses have different policies than pet store chains, they may be interested in taking in your unwanted fish.
  • Post an ad online – The exotic fish market is extensive. Many people are willing to rehome a fish if it saves it from being flushed. Consider posting a local fish Facebook group or Craigslist listing to rehome your fish safely. Keep in mind that selling animals on Facebook and Craigslist is prohibited. You will need to list the fish for free to be rehomed. It is also essential to practice safety when selling online. Meet in public and beware of scams. 
  • Donate it to an office – Many dentists, doctors, and school offices have an aquarium. If you want to rehome your fish humanely, consider contacting a local office you know has an aquarium and ask them if they could take your fish. You will have to know exactly what type of fish you have and ensure it’s in good health before putting it into a new environment. 

Things to Avoid

If you’re thinking of rehoming your fish, devise a plan. Continue to care for the fish before disturbing it from its tank. Non-native fish become invasive when introduced to ponds, lakes, and rivers. 

  • Do not put your live fish in a body of water. 
  • Do not flush a live fish down the toilet. This is inhumane and could be dangerous to waterways. 
  • Consider researching humane euthanization if your fish is sick and you cannot rehome it.

Chances are, there is always someone who can help you rehome an unwanted fish. It is much better to rehome a fish than neglect it. Do not risk harming the fish or local species by flushing your unwanted fish or setting it free into a body of water. 


Now that you know that Pet Supermarket does not accept unwanted fish consider using the other options listed in this article. Fish rehoming policies differ by store, so call as many small businesses and pet stores as possible. It’s best to ensure that the fish has a fair chance at life after you rehome it. 

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