Can Sam’s Club Reprint A Receipt

A receipt is one of those things we often don’t realize we need until it’s too late. If you’re one of the few diligent shoppers among us and always save your original receipts just in case, kudos! That is a habit I wish I could develop myself. Unfortunately, most of us will find ourselves in a situation where we need a receipt that we can no longer find or have already thrown away.

Sam’s Club can indeed reprint receipts upon request. There are multiple methods to do so. You can request a reprint of a receipt in person at the customer service desk, over the phone with their customer service hotline, or access receipts through your online member account.

Although reprinting a receipt is a simple process, there needs to be a valid reason. Such as a customer return, or to verify purchases. Read on to learn which situations warrant a receipt and other ways you can take care of some common issues without needing to do that.

Why Would I Need a Receipt Reprinted?

Whether your original purchase was at Sam’s Club or somewhere else, there are several reasons why someone may need to have a receipt reprinted. It may also be that you never had one and discovered you needed one later. Here are some common reasons you might find yourself in this situation:

Gift giving – A gift receipt is a bit of an insurance policy for you. A gift receipt is a great way to ensure the recipient can take the item back and get something they want. At Sam’s Club, you can request a gift receipt at the point of sale when you purchase it or can have one reprinted at a later date after the fact as well.

Need to return an item – Sam’s Club will do its best to find your purchase record if you try to return an item without a receipt. However, it might not always be possible. Errors do happen. It’s best to keep a copy of your receipt just in case, especially for those big-ticket items like electronics, jewelry, home furnishings, and other expensive purchases. If you lose track of your receipt, get it reprinted just to be safe.

Mail-in rebate offers – Many stores, Sam’s Club included, offer additional savings on purchases in the form of mail-in rebate offers. This typically works by placing your receipt/proof of purchase with a mail-in rebate form or offer and mailing both to a specified address the company gives you. From there, they usually respond by sending whatever rebate is owed to you. This might come in the form of a paper check or store credit.

Personal records – You may need a copy of the receipt simply for your own personal records. Depending on your employment situation, you might need them at year’s end for tax purposes. People who are diligent in how they track spending habits might need to have a copy of a receipt to ensure their books are all accurate.

Expense reports – Again, depending on your employment situation, you may make some purchases on behalf of the company you work for or own. In that circumstance, some form of reimbursement could be owed to you. A receipt is critical to keep track of these expenses and report them to the appropriate office at HQ. You can get a receipt printed later, even if you didn’t think about it at the moment during the initial purchase.

How Can I Get a Receipt Reprinted at Sam’s Club?

At Sam’s Club specifically, getting a reprinted receipt requires a little effort on your end. You can request a reprint over the phone. Sam’s Club has a customer service phone number at (888) 746-7726. This phone number is staffed Monday through Saturday from 8 AM to midnight EST.

The phone line is staffed on Sunday from 11 AM to 9 PM EST. You will need to be able to identify the item you need a receipt for, and it’s probably best if you were prepared with the approximate purchase date as well.

If you’d prefer not to handle it over the phone, you can also request a receipt reprint via your online member portal. Through your online account, you can see your purchase history.

On the Sam’s Club homepage, log into your account and hover your mouse cursor over the “Your Account” drop-down menu in the top right corner. Click on “Order History.” Navigate to the order for which you need a receipt. You can filter and sort your purchase history to make it easier to find.

Once you locate your order, you can view or download your receipt. You should also be able to print it if need be. Online, you can also chat with a customer service representative who will be able to help you get your reprinted receipt. Just navigate to the “Chat Now” button on the Contact Us page.

If none of those options works, you can always visit the Customer Service desk at the Sam’s Club location nearest you. Their staff is always willing to help customers in any way they can.

Head to your nearest store.Call (888) 746-7726View order history in member portal at customer service representative using “Chat Now” feature at
Summary of methods to get a copy of your receipt for a purchase you made at Sam’s Club.

Concluding Remarks

There are several reasons why you might need to reprint a receipt. Whether you misplaced it or never had a copy to begin with, Sam’s Club makes it very easy to get a new copy. In-store you can always get a reprinted receipt from Customer Service. From home or anywhere else, you can contact Sam’s Club via phone or on their website.

You can log into your account, where you can access order history as well as request reprints of receipts. Another solution would be to contact a customer service representative using the online chat feature. However you decide to tackle it, getting another copy of your receipt shouldn’t be all that difficult.

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