Can Walmart Employees Accept Tips – All You Need To Know!

It always feels nice to give people tips, especially when that person is also doing a service for you. This will leave many Walmart customers wondering if they can tip the Walmart employees that have helped them out. This is especially true if that Walmart employee has gone the extra mile in their service. 

Generally speaking, no, Walmart employees cannot accept tips from customers. This includes tips in the form of both money and gifts. The only workers associated with Walmart that can accept tips are delivery drivers, who can be tipped through the Walmart app. 

Here we will explain why most Walmart employees cannot accept tips or gifts from the customers they help. We will also be getting into some of the technicalities of this corporate rule. Let’s dive right in! 

Can Walmart Pickup Employees Accept Tips?

Although it may be surprising to some customers, Walmart employees in charge of curbside pickup are not allowed to accept tips. Unfortunately, if you insist on tipping them, the employee will need to turn this tip into their store manager, which means they do not get to keep it. The same goes for any tips that are in the form of gifts. 

Many people have contested this, as they believe the ban on tips for Walmart pickup employees to be unjust. There has even been a petition on the website attempting to change this policy. However, these efforts seem to be unsuccessful at this time. 

Can You Tip Walmart Delivery Workers? 

On the other hand, you can tip Walmart delivery drivers. It is customary to do so. When tipping Walmart delivery drivers, it is customary to either provide a $5 tip or a tip that is 10%-15% of the price of your order. Going with whichever price is higher is best, but you can always tip whatever you want, depending on your service quality. 

It is also important to mention that Walmart delivery drivers are not allowed to keep all of these tips when paid electronically through the app. This is because Walmart takes a percentage of these tips. If you would like to get around this, then giving your delivery driver their tip in cash will ensure they keep all that money. 

Can Cashier At Walmart Accept Tips? 

No, cashiers at Walmart are not allowed to accept any tips from customers. This is written in their official store policy. If you insist on tipping your Walmart cashier, they will have to turn that money into their store manager, just like curbside pickup employees. Unfortunately, your Walmart cashier will not be allowed to keep any of that tip, even if you would like them to. 

Can You Give Walmart Employees Gifts? 

No, none of the Walmart employees can accept gifts from Walmart store customers. This includes gifts in the form of money and tickets to events, products, or even samples. Sadly, this also means that Walmart employees are not allowed to accept Christmas gifts from Walmart customers either. Even Walmart delivery drivers are not allowed to accept gifts if it is not in the form of a cash tip. 

Could Walmart Associates Get Fired If They Accept Tips? 

Yes, Walmart employees can get fired if they do not report and hand over tips received from customers. This is if they are not delivery drivers for Walmart that are uniquely allowed to accept tips.

As a result, it is best not to offer tips to Walmart cashiers, curbside pickup workers, or any other type of Walmart associate in the store. Even though your heart will always be in the right place when offering a tip, this gesture could cost the employee their job. 

Why Does Walmart Not Let Their Employees Accept Tips? 

Walmart does not allow employees to accept tips simply because the rule is included in the company’s employee policy. Several disputed reasons Walmart could be refusing their employees to accept tips.

First, it is believed that allowing employees to accept tips could promote bad service in their employees. Although this point may seem counterintuitive to most people, Walmart fears that if their employees expect to be tipped, they may offer bad service to those who have not tipped them. 

Similarly, Walmart also fears that customers who tip employees may expect something in return, such as large discounts that are not customary. In addition to this, it is also possible that accepting tips could cause unhealthy competition among Walmart workers.

As a result of all these potential issues, Walmart officially does not allow their employees to accept customer tips unless they are specifically delivery drivers. 

What Other Ways You Can Show Your Appreciation Towards Walmart Employees? 

Even if you cannot give a tip to Walmart associates, there are some other things that you can do to show your appreciation towards them. Here are two more ways to show Walmart employees that you appreciate them. 

Fill Out A Comment Card Or Leave A Positive Review

Many store chains like Walmart will have comment cards or a chance to review your experience with them electronically. Taking the time to write out how good a Walmart employee’s job is is a nice thing to do. This is especially true considering that many positive reviews could make that employee eligible for a raise or promotion. 

Simply Being Kind Shows Your Appreciation

Of course, simply being kind to Walmart employees is another way that you can show them your appreciation. Walmart employees must deal with unhappy customers regularly, so complementing them can boost morale. This simple gesture is a great and easy way to repay a Walmart employee for their help. 

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