How Often Does Sam’s Club Restock

Especially with the rise of the internet, it is common now for certain items Sam’s Club sells to gain buzz on social media and sell out in stores. If you are looking for a particular item and struggling to find it at your Sam’s Club, keep in mind that they restock every day, so there’s always a chance the item you are looking for will return later. 

Sam’s Club is a beloved member-only warehouse store owned by Walmart that sells many bulk groceries and home supplies at a discounted price. The deals and overall costs at Sam’s Club are usually better than you can find anywhere else, so Sam’s Club is always a very popular shopping destination. 

This type of large retail store not only restocks products daily but also has employees working on restocking items throughout the day. You will often see employees unloading boxing onto the shelves while you are shopping. 

People will often drive a great distance to shop at Sam’s Club due to the low prices and unique items, so the stores are often quite busy and have difficulties keeping best-selling products stocked on the shelves.

How will you know when Sam’s Club restocks? 

The best way to know if any item is restocked at Sam’s Club is to look for it online. If you can find the product page for the item you hope comes back in stock, you can usually sign up on the website to receive notifications if the item comes back in stock.

Once you sign up for these alerts, you will receive email notifications if the product is available again online, and you can quickly go online to order it. 

If the item you are looking for is only sold in stores, it can be difficult to know exactly when Sam’s Club restocks the product. The best approach is to visit your local store and ask a store employee about the item. 

They should be able to search for it in their inventory system to check whether there are any units available in the back of the store.

If that is not the case and they are waiting on a new shipment, the Sam’s Club employee should be able to give you an estimate of what date the product should be back in stock. You may be able to give them your phone number or email address to be notified once it arrives, but this policy may vary by store location.

Does Sam’s Club restock at a specific time of day? 

Sam’s Club locations do most of their restocking during the hours while the store is closed. They have employees work on restocking the bulk of the store early in the morning or late in the evening while the stores are not open to the public. 

Knowing this, the stores are the most well stocked in the morning before many shoppers have come through each day. If you are looking for a specific item, try visiting in the early morning when the store has just opened, as the inventory will be the least picked over at that time. 

Especially if you are shopping for produce or perishable items, the grocery section will have the freshest cuts of meat early in the morning. Sam’s Club advises that around 9 am is the ideal time of day to shop at the store for the best selection of inventory. 

Is there the best day to shop at Sam’s Club during the week? 

Sam’s Club restocks daily, so there is no best day of the week to visit to get the first pick at the store inventory. You have an equally good chance of finding the items you are looking for any day of the week, but generally, the weekdays are a much better time to visit the store. 

The majority of shoppers do the bulk of their shopping on the weekends when they are off of work, and their kids are out of school, and with the popularity of Sam’s Club, it can be pretty chaotic in the stores on the weekends or after working hours. 

If you visit at a peak time when the store is very busy, it may be difficult to navigate through the store and find the specific items you need.

Additionally, when a Sam’s Club location is very busy, it will be challenging to track down a store associate to help you look up the specific item you are trying to find. To have an optimal Sam’s Club experience and get the service you want, try to avoid visiting on the weekends during a crowded time of day. 

Final Tips

Sam’s Club does sell a lot of seasonal merchandise specific to certain times of the year, so there is always a chance that your store may not be getting in any more of a specific product until the following year, especially if it is a holiday-related product.

If you see an item in Sam’s Club that you want, it’s always best to buy it while it is there, as it may not be that easy to track down later. 

If you believe an item is still available at Sam’s Club, but your location doesn’t seem to be getting any more merchandise in stock, ask a store employee if they would be able to see if another store has that item. 

Sometimes they can ship products from one store to another for you. If they can confirm another store location in your town has the item, you may also feel passionately enough about getting it that you don’t mind driving the extra distance to pick it up.

If you choose that route, ask if the Sam’s Club associates can put the item you are looking for on hold until you arrive to ensure it’s still waiting for you when you get there. 

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