Does Bed Bath And Beyond Have Public Restrooms

When the need arises, you may be someone who needs to find a bathroom quick while you are shopping! If this concerns you while you are out, do your search on, Does Bed, Bath and Beyond Have Public Restrooms?

Most Bed, Bath and Beyond stores have public restrooms; however, there may be certain stores that do not have restrooms that are open to the public.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know if a store will have public restrooms. The good news is that you should be in luck in this store, but we’ll also talk about why these stores may not have public restrooms and what to do if there isn’t a restroom.

Reasons Why Your Bed, Bath and Beyond May Not Have Public Restrooms

It could be shocking to know that some stores do not have public restrooms, but there are times when this happens. Here are some reasons why the store may not have a public restroom.

There Is Not Room For A Public Restroom

Most Bed, Bath and Beyond stores are standard, so there should always be room, but some stores don’t have the space for a bathroom.

A store with a large staff may reserve the bathrooms for their employees if there is no space for an employees-only restroom.

The Bathroom Is Under Renovation

We all love a refresh when it comes to public bathrooms, and it could be that the bathroom is under renovation.

Sometimes bathrooms will be open in some capacity when a renovation happens, but if they are changing toilets or plumbing, you may be out of luck.

The Restroom Is Out Of Order

Customers frequently use restrooms, and the store’s restroom can be out of order.

Usually, these restrooms have multiple stalls, so you should be able to find another stall in the bathroom. 

In a worst-case scenario, you can also use the bathroom for the opposite gender. You may feel a little uncomfortable, but when nature calls, there isn’t much you can do!

The Store Has Had Problems With Public Restrooms

A store may have had public restrooms that were closed because there were ongoing problems. 

No one wants to think that a bathroom can cause problems, but public restrooms are a separate beast.

Some of the problems include:

  • Dirty bathrooms
  • Damaged or broken items in the bathrooms
  • Stolen toilet paper

Many stores are already short on employees and do not want to use an employee to clean up after customers in the bathroom constantly. 

The Restroom Has Just Been Cleaned

Hopefully, bathrooms are cleaned throughout the day, so they may be closed immediately after cleaning. 

This is usually to keep customers safe if the bathrooms have been mopped. Wet floors are a slipping hazard for shoppers. 

The Store Is Closing Soon

Some stores close bathrooms at the end of the night.

When I worked in retail, we closed our bathrooms about a half hour before closing time. This ensures that:

  • The floors are mopped for the next day
  • The trash is empty
  • Toilet paper is full
  • There is no one in the bathroom after locking the doors

Some customers find this frustrating, but it makes closing and opening processes easier for employees.

Things To Do If The Bed, Bath And Beyond Doesn’t Have Public Restrooms

You may be in a new Bed, Bath and Beyond that doesn’t have restrooms. Oh no! Here are a few tips to get you through.

Go Before You Leave The House

I don’t like public restrooms, so I always go before I leave the house or in a store that I know is clean.

If you’re out all day, holding it may not be an option. In that case, I would even stop home in the middle of your shopping trip.

Ask To Use The Employee Restroom In An Emergency

Every store will have restrooms, but they may not be open to the public.

You can ask an employee to use their restroom in an emergency, such as:

  • Having a child or toddler who needs to use the restroom
  • An elderly person needs a restroom
  • You are not feeling well and may cause a bigger mess in the store

Not every employee will allow this, but it is worth a shot in an emergency.

Wear A Pad Or Diaper If You Deal With Incontinence 

It can be embarrassing to deal with incontinence issues, but adult pads or diapers are a great way to help throughout the day.

These days, there are many options for people who need extra protection with their bladders. Most items such as this are nearly invisible, and the only person who knows you are wearing them is you.

Don’t take this as a loss. This may make your time out in public even easier. Reclaim your confidence and shop with peace of mind!

Find Another Store

Most Bed, Bath and Beyond stores are among other stores, so you should seek out another store for a restroom.

If you need to leave the store to find a bathroom, you can leave your items to pick them back up, purchase what you already have, or leave your order with an employee.

Know Before You Go

Bathrooms can be a big issue for you; in that case, you should call ahead to a store if you are going to a new store.

Calling first will help you know if there is a bathroom or not, and you’ll know well before you need to find one. 

Once you’ve been to a store, you should scout out the bathroom situation; then, you’ll know whether or not they have a bathroom for future shopping trips. 

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