When Does Ikea Restock

It does not matter if you are moving into your first apartment or redecorating a space in your family home; Ikea is one of the most popular and financially friendly stores today. However, due to its popularity, it is possible that the item you are searching for is not available. What can you do when the item is out of stock? When will Ikea restock that item?

Unfortunately, unlike other retailers, Ikea does not promise that items will be in stock because there is usually high demand for specific items.

Ikea became extremely popular with the public during the Pandemic. However, since then, there have been consistently out-of-stock items. So, customers should look online before venturing to their closest store to ensure that the item they need is in stock. In addition, customers should order online once they decide on the item they want sooner rather than later.

Why Ikea Does Not Promise a Restock Date

While Ikea will prepare a scheduled date, they acknowledge that supply chain limitations prevent them from restocking their most popular items in stores as often as needed. This restocking issue came about mainly after the beginning of the Pandemic, when many customers were taking advantage of their time at home to complete home improvement projects.

Stores that focus on home improvements, like the Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wayfair, West Elm, and Ikea, felt the pressure to increase their supply due to demand issues.

Before the Pandemic, Ikea could restock its most popular items within 2 to 3 days, and furniture was restocked every 1 to 2 weeks. Fortunately, the information will also reflect online once these items are in-store. Customers can come to the store to make their purchases soon after.

What determines the delay in restocking can be because of many different reasons:

  • Delays in the supply chain prevent items from getting to the Ikea warehouses on time.
  • Item popularity and Ikea’s inability to keep up with demand to keep
  • Item size and complicated nature of transporting the item to the store.

It is important to remember that all items in stock at the store are “first-come, first-serve.” So, customers should check online to confirm whether the item is in stock.

However, while it can say that the item is in stock if the customer takes too long to get to the store and the item is in high demand, the item can sell out again. And quickly. So, if you are monitoring a product or furniture, it is essential to act quickly when the item is back in stock.

Consider Online Ordering and Delivery

Ikea sometimes has items available by delivery but not at your local store for pick-up. While this is odd, it makes sense because local warehouses serve multiple stores in any given state or area. So how can customers take advantage of this benefit?

Customers who place orders online will need to wait to receive the item. Fortunately, they will receive their order confirmation with an estimated delivery date and the ability to make changes to that date if needed. Customers will need to retain their order confirmation in their email—or print it out if that is what they prefer—to use the tracking number to determine the status of their order.

There are four potential statuses that a delivery order can show when using the tracker:

  1. Preparing the order – the order was officially received, and Ikea staff is working to process the order. At this point, Ikea allows its customers to make changes or cancel their orders.
  2. Picking the Order – Ikea staff is processing your order to prepare it for delivery. At this point, it likely is too late to cancel or change your order. Customers will need to use Ikea’s return policy to make changes or returns once the item is delivered.
  3. Preparing your delivery – the order has left the warehouse and is officially on its way.
  4. On its way – the ordered item is in transit to you. The item is with the delivery handler, who will complete the delivery.
  5. Delivered means that the delivery was successful, and it is time to enjoy your item.

Delivered Straight to Your Home

Ikea will not only deliver your order to your home but also place it in the room where you would like to display it. Additionally, they offer many delivery options that fit their customer’s needs. One known fact about Ikea furniture and products is that they require the customer to assemble the purchased item themselves.

Someone that is 18 years or older will need to be present at the delivery address in order for Ikea to be able to complete the delivery. Delivery options range in pricing from $19 for standard delivery to Express Shipping costs starting at $79. In their policies, Ikea states that delivery might only be available in some areas. So while it has its limits, customers should take advantage of this option when possible.

Returns are Okay

 If you need to return your item because you ordered the wrong one or it does not work for your needs as you thought, you can coordinate to have that done as well. Ikea lets customers return items to the store or call their Customer Support Center to coordinate a pick-up.

Next Time You Buy from Ikea

Remember that their products are generally popular with everyone else, especially with trends and DIY possibilities, so customers on a budget aim to invest in Ikea furniture more often. Plus, while the items are not perfect, with proper care—and no water damage—their furniture and other items can last for many years.

So if you are in a situation where you want to invest in Ikea products but have yet to venture to the store, it is best to search online for what you are looking for first to confirm its availability. Additionally, while it does not apply to all items sold at Ikea, many can be delivered to your home. When the customer is sure that they want this item and it is not in their local Ikea store, they can have it delivered to them.

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