Does CVS Sell Alcohol – State Rules & Availability

When you walk into a CVS Pharmacy, it’s not just the prescription medications and toiletries you’ll find; in states where it’s legal, you can also pick up a bottle of wine to enjoy with dinner or some beer for a get-together. So yes, CVS does sell alcohol at many of their locations, catering to consumers looking for convenience in one stop.

However, remember that the availability of alcoholic products can vary due to state laws and local regulations.

During a recent stop at my local CVS, I noticed they had a selection of red and white wines positioned near the checkout area, making it easy to grab a bottle on my way out. In addition to wine, CVS often stocks a variety of spirits and beer, which I’ve found to be quite handy when I’m in a pinch and need to pick up drinks for an impromptu gathering.

Alcohol sales at these stores might be restricted during certain hours or on specific days, such as Sunday, so it’s best to check ahead or be mindful of the time if you plan to purchase alcohol.

CVS’s inclusion of alcohol sales positions them as a versatile retailer beyond the typical drugstore offerings.

They provide a practical solution for those looking to minimize their shopping trips, allowing customers to buy medical supplies, snacks, and now alcoholic beverages in one location. So next time you’re running errands and need to pick up a bottle of wine or a pack of beer, your nearby CVS might just have what you need.

Availability and Regulations

When you’re looking into purchasing alcohol from CVS, it’s important to keep in mind the intricate web of regulations and policies that determine what’s available and when. These can vary significantly depending on your location and can impact your shopping experience.

State and Local Alcohol Laws

Each state and many local jurisdictions have their own alcohol laws that define what types of alcoholic beverages can be sold and who can buy them. For example, in Florida, you’re able to buy beer and wine at CVS, but in Massachusetts, alcohol sales at drugstores are less common due to stricter local policies.

Licensing and CVS Policies

CVS obtains the necessary licenses to sell alcohol based on local and state regulations. In states like Missouri and New York, CVS typically has the proper licensing to sell a range of alcoholic beverages, as long as they comply with local laws.

Alcohol Sales Times

Many states have specific times during which stores can sell alcohol. In North Carolina, for instance, alcohol sales are prohibited before noon on Sundays due to “blue laws.” Similarly, Texas has restrictions on alcohol sales on Sundays and requires service to stop at certain times each night.

Online and In-Store Availability

The availability of alcohol at CVS can vary between online and in-store purchasing options. While you might find a wide selection in CVS pharmacies across California and Arizona, their online platforms may have different or more limited options due to state laws or logistical reasons.

Competition and Market Comparison

CVS competes with various retailers like WalmartRite Aid, and local grocery stores. In markets like Connecticut and Delaware, where grocery stores are commonplace, CVS might broaden its alcohol selection to stay competitive.

Regulations Impacting Selection and Price

State and local regulations not only dictate the types of alcohol CVS can sell but can also influence the price and brandsavailable. In states like Maryland and Virginia, heavy taxation might lead to a higher end price for spirits like Jack Daniel’s compared to those in Washington.

Types and Varieties of Alcoholic Beverages

CVS’ alcohol inventory often includes a variety of beerswines, and spirits. You’ll find everything from Pinot Grigio to Cabernet Sauvignon in the wine section, while their spirits may range from Smirnoff vodka to Bacardi rum, depending on the store’s location and licensing.

Consumer Considerations

As a consumer, you must meet the legal drinking age of 21 years or older and be aware of any age restrictions or return policies that apply. Remember that if you’re in Indiana or Mississippi, CVS’ alcohol selection might not be as extensive as in states like Colorado or Nevada due to local consumption laws.

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