Does Walmart Resize Rings – Services & Cost Explained

It’s never fun when your cherished ring is too loose or a bit too tight. That means getting it resized is the only way to provide some comfort, but going to a private jeweler may seem inconvenient. With their widely available locations, many shoppers wonder whether Walmart offers ring resizing services to help them find the perfect fit.

Surprisingly, Walmart doesn’t provide in-store ring resizing services. Instead, they rely on partner jewelers to handle the task. This means there might be a waiting period before you get your perfectly resized ring back.

If you plan to use Walmarts partners, you’ll need to consider factors such as resizing costs, waiting periods, and alternative options.

How Walmart Can Help You With Resizing Your Ring

Although Walmart does not offer in-store ring resizing services, you can still resize your ring through their jeweler partners. These third-party services are pretty easy to navigate and the steps are as follows:

  • Bring your ring to Walmart, and also include your receipt (they only resize rings that are purchased from them)
  • Walmart will then send your ring off to the third-party jeweler to complete the resizing process
  • Within a short 1 – 3 week period, your ring will be returned to the store you dropped it off at
  • Walmart will notify you of the pickup time

Although the process is generally quick, I have seen some cases where the rings take up to 6 weeks to get back. But, thats usually during peak seasons, especially the Summer when weddings are happening, and of course holidays.

The cost for resizing a ring through Walmart may vary, generally ranging from $20 to $60, depending on factors such as the type of ring, whether you want to upsize or downsize, and the complexity of the resizing job. Keep in mind that enlarging a ring’s band will usually cost more than reducing its size.

Factors Affecting Resizing

When you’re looking to resize a ring, it’s crucial to consider various factors that can impact the process. Especially if you’re sending your ring off with the help of Walmart, this can mean longer wait times in some cases depending on the complexity of your ring.

Materials and Quality

Different ring materials require distinct methods and expertise when resizing. For example, resizing a gold ring may be less challenging than altering a ring made from platinum or tungsten. The metal materials used in your ring will directly affect the complexity and cost of resizing services, as some metals are more malleable and easier to work with than others.

Quality also plays a critical role in the resizing process. High-quality rings are made using superior workmanship and materials. In turn, these rings may demand more care and precision when resizing, increasing the time and potentially the cost involved.

Stones and Gemstones

Rings adorned with stones, especially diamond rings or gemstones like cubic zirconia, may present unique challenges during resizing. The jeweler must ensure that the stones remain securely set while resizing the band, which requires specialized techniques and a delicate touch.

In addition to resizing rings with stones, the type of stone or gemstone used can also impact the cost and complexity of resizing services. For example, resizing a ring with a delicate or rare gemstone may demand more caution and attention, further affecting the overall process.

Alternative Adjustment Options To Walmart

Bear in mind that while Walmart offers ring resizing, not all stores may provide this service, and sometimes you might need to visit a designated jewelry counter for the resizing process. Moreover, certain types of rings, like those with intricate designs or tension settings, may not be resizable at all.

Below are some alternative adjustment options you can try:

Resizing Your Ring At Home

If you want to avoid the expense of resizing a ring at Walmart, which can cost $20 or more, alternative solutions can help you adjust your ring size at home. One popular option is a ring size adjuster, which can easily be inserted into your ring to create a snugger fit.

Use A Ring Guard

There are also ring guards, which are another affordable and easy-to-use alternative. These small devices can be attached to the inside of your ring, reducing its size and providing a more secure fit on your finger.

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