Does Sam’s Club Have Non Ethanol Gas

Ethanol is an incredibly common ingredient in almost all US gas. In fact, the vast majority of all gasoline sold in the United States contains about 10% ethanol, and the ethanol does not affect the octane rating of the gas.

Instead, ethanol changes the byproducts and how the gas is processed, resulting in cleaner emissions. However, avoiding ethanol can make sense for some drivers because gas mixtures that contain ethanol can be a little harder on your engine and fuel system.

Unfortunately, only a few Sam’s Club gas stations offer non-ethanol gas. Most locations offer regular gas in different octane levels, and some locations also offer diesel fuel.

If you are looking for a location that sells ethanol-free gas, look to see what kinds of gas are listed at your local store. They will list any gas that is ethanol free on the main website and at the pumps themselves.

However, there are only a couple of Sam’s Club locations that offer ethanol-free gas, and not all of them are likely to continue offering ethanol-free gas if regulations change or if it stops being profitable for them to do so.

Do Sam’s Club Members Get A Discount On Gas At Sam’s Club Stations?

Yes, Sam’s Club gas is approximately 5 cents less than other gas stations in the area, except in New Jersey and other local areas that don’t allow membership-based gas discounts.

Sam’s Club gas stations are also exclusive for members. You cannot get gas at a Sam’s Club gas station without a membership in most locations. There are a few exceptions, but they are rare, and you need to know ahead of time because you cannot pay for gas without a membership card at the exclusive locations.

Is There Anywhere You Can Consistently Get Non-Ethanol Gas?

While some Philipps 66 gas stations have ethanol in their gas, they are one of the best places to go if you want to get ethanol-free gas consistently.

You can look for the nearest Philipps 66 gas station to see if they sell ethanol-free gas at that location. In most cases, you can get ethanol-free gas in any octane rating or grade.

Other than that, most places are hit or miss. Different gas retailers often have one or two locations where you can get non-ethanol gas, but because ethanol is standard throughout most of the United States and Canada, those locations are rare.

If you’re on the go and looking for a non-ethanol gas station, you can use to find information about the non-ethanol gas stations in your state or the state you’re visiting.

Does Sam’s Club Competitor Costco Sell Ethanol Free Gas?

No. Right now, Kirkland Signature gas (Kirkland is the brand for Costco-brand store items) contains ethanol in all locations. It’s high-quality gas, but it’s not ethanol free.

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