Does Walmart Deliver Grocery – Everything You Need To Know

Grocery delivery is one of the most convenient ways to get the food items you need for the week. Walmart offers various services to cater to this need. Walmart delivers groceries, making shopping more convenient and stress-free for you.

To utilize Walmart grocery delivery services, order online, choose a timeslot, and one of the diligent in-store associates will gather your items and place them in bags for you.

Not only does this save you time, but it also allows for a safe and contactless shopping experience. The delivery fee for this grocery service starts at $7.95, depending on your chosen time slot. Walmart+ members can enjoy free same-day delivery on groceries and more if they meet the minimum order.

Now that you know Walmart delivers groceries, shopping for essentials has never been easier. Let’s get into a few details about which food items are available, costs, and other benefits you may not be familiar with.

How to Order Groceries for Delivery

Ordering groceries through Walmarts app makes things super easy.

The app is designed for a seamless shopping experience and should help you manage your grocery orders more efficiently. You can do this online too if you prefer, but I prefer mobile.

Choosing Your Location and Time Slot

After downloading the app or visiting the website, enter your location to find nearby Walmart stores offering delivery services. You’ll have available delivery time slots once you’ve selected a local store. Pick a suitable time slot that works best for you.

I usually find the most convenient options if I place my order the earlier on the day prior. If you’ve ever used Krogers service, then Walmart is very similar. The later you wait, the fewer slots you’ll have available to choose from.

Adding Items to Your Cart

Now comes the fun part—shopping for your groceries! Use the search function to find the products you need and add them to your cart. The Walmart Grocery App makes browsing a massive assortment of groceries easy, ensuring that you can fill your cart with all the essentials and any special items you might need.

To help structure your shopping better, you can simply click on the Grocery & Essentials tab. From there youll see a couple of tabs up top including:

  • Fresh Food
  • Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Dairy
  • Deli

There’s options to shop by specific brands too at the bottom of the Walmart app. You can choose from curated lists of items on sales. This includes things like pre-sorted dinners, items in season, top rated lists, and much more.

Walmart also has categorized savings based on holidays too. For example, scrolling my app right now I can see they have Fathers day savings on cookout inspired dishes. They also sell cooking appliances here that you can easily pair with your ingredients.

Finalizing Your Order

Once your cart is filled and ready to check out, review the items in your cart and confirm you have everything you need. After verifying your order, proceed to the checkout page, where you’ll be asked to provide your payment information. Walmart offers a secure payment processing system, so you can trust that your financial details are safe.

Delivery Fees and Delivery Options

Delivery fees vary depending on your location and chosen time slots. With a Walmart+ membership, you’ll enjoy free same-day delivery on groceries and more. Walmart also offers an Express Delivery option for an additional fee, which guarantees delivery within two hours. This is especially useful if you’re in a hurry or in need of specific items immediately.

Generally speaking, Walmart + members pay $0 in delivery fees. However, there are minimum order requirements of $35 to qualify for this.

Additional Benefits and Options

This part will discuss some valuable aspects of Walmart’s grocery delivery service and its comparison with competitors.

Walmart+ Membership: Perks and Pricing

One notable feature of Walmart’s delivery service is its Walmart+ membership. For an annual price of $98 or a monthly fee of $12.95, you can enjoy benefits like unlimited free delivery on eligible items, fuel discounts from participating gas stations, and early access to deals. Walmart also allows non-members to place free curbside pickup orders using the Walmart+ app or

Compared with their competitors, its really hard to pass up on Walmarts food quality and vast range of grocery offerings. Walmart competes with various grocery delivery services such as Instacart, Shipt, and Amazon Prime just to name a few. I’ve tried them all, and while each of them has their strengths, there’s just a lot to like about what Walmart has to offer.

In a nutshell, I’d say they are super consistent. I can think of many times when I’ve ordered from those others and was dissapointed in the experience, especially with the live shopping options. Amazon fares pretty well though, but I’ve also had issues with some produce there.

While all these services offer convenient delivery options, Walmart’s low prices and wide range of products make it stand out. Walmart also offers “rollback” deals, which can save you more money; especially on seasonal non-perishables.

Promo Codes and Coupons

Walmart offers various promotions and discounts to help you save even more. Using promo codes and coupons, you can lower the cost of your order.

To find these savings, browse through Walmart’s website or app and check for any available deals. Additionally, you can look for third-party websites dedicated to sharing Walmart promo codes and coupons.

Product Offerings and Quality

As you explore Walmart’s grocery delivery service, you’ll be amazed by the vast selection and quality of products available. Here’s a closer look at the variety of grocery options, their commitment to quality assurance, and how they maintain the freshness of their items.

Navigating and Maximizing the Walmart-Grocery Interface

The Walmart Grocery interface offers a seamless online shopping experience that allows you to easily search for, find, and order groceries. In this user-friendly platform, you can maximize the convenience and advantages of shopping online by using filters and managing shopping lists.

Using Filters and Search Features

When browsing through the Walmart app, the search feature is your best friend. Type in the items you are looking for, and the app will display various products for you to choose from. To further refine your search, utilize price range, availability, customer ratings, and more filters.

Creating and Managing Your Shopping List

Once you have found the items you want, it’s time to create and manage your shopping list. You can easily add items to your list and track them in one place using your Walmart account. This is helpful to organize your online orders and check their availability for delivery.

As you add items to your shopping list, you can review the estimated price and adjust quantities as needed. This is useful for staying within your budget and ensuring you have all the necessary quantities. If an item becomes unavailable or you need to change your order, you can easily access your shopping list and make the necessary adjustments.

While shopping online at Walmart, it’s essential to double-check the availability of items for delivery. Sometimes, items you have added to your shopping list may not be eligible for delivery in your area or temporarily out of stock. In these cases, you will receive a notification, and your order may be canceled or modified depending on the situation.

Does Walmart offer same-day grocery delivery?

Yes, Walmart does offer same-day grocery delivery for many locations. As a Walmart+ member, you can enjoy free same-day delivery on groceries and more, all at the same low prices as in-store.

Do I need to tip the delivery driver?

You don’t need to worry about tipping the delivery driver using Walmart’s in-home service. Their delivery policy clearly states that no tips or fees are required for InHome deliveries.

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