Does Walmart Provide Benefits – Health, Financial, Time Off, And Much More!

When you think of working at Walmart, one question that might come to your mind is whether they provide benefits to their employees. Without good benefits, a job is well, just a job.

Well, the good news is Walmart does provide benefits! Walmart offers a variety of benefits including health care, retirement, PPTO, Employee discounts, stock purchase options, and much more!

So, as an employee at Walmart, you can expect competitive benefits packages that address various aspects of your life, including health, financial security, and personal growth. Overall it’s a great deal, but I think the specifics of these benefits would be helpful to know.

With that said, I’ll dive into the benefits at Walmart and how they can make a big difference in your life as an associate.

Health and Wellness Benefits At Walmart

As a Walmart employee, you have access to a variety of health and wellness benefits designed to support you regardless of your family size. The coverage is vast and includes a bit of everything from medical to dental. Even basic physical health benefits like gym memberships and disability insurance is included in their plans.

Pricing of plans for all their coverage can be viewed on a per paycheck chart here.

Medical Coverage

Your employment at Walmart includes medical plan options that cover expenses related to various healthcare services. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, you can choose from HMO plans or other alternatives.

Walmart has many partnerships across the board with companies such as Humana, UnitedHealthcare, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and more. They also provide primary care services as well as preventative care.

Walmart has also has partnered with top-notch healthcare institutions like Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Mayo Clinic to provide full coverage for specific specialty care, such as cancer treatment, spine or joint replacements, and transplants.

A few of the plans listed include the following:

  • Premier Plan
  • Contribution Plan
  • PPO Plan
  • Saver Plan
  • HMO Plan
  • Local Plans

One thing to keep in mind is that not all plans are included at every location. For example, their Hawaii Plan is for associates living in that area.

Dental and Vision Plans

On top of the medical coverage, Walmart also provides you with dental and vision benefit plans, ensuring that you maintain a healthy smile and clear eyesight. You can select from different plan options according to your individual and family requirements.

You may be wondering about the costs, and it’s actually quite affordable. Walmart offers dental plans with an annual maximum benefit of $2,500 per covered person and a lifetime maximum of $1,500 per covered person. 

Gym Membership

Being fit and healthy is essential, so Walmart offers its employees perks and discounts to help make gym memberships more affordable. Enjoy staying active and caring for your physical well-being with this valuable benefit.

Long-term Disability

In case you need to take a substantial amount of time off from work due to illness or injury, Walmart offers long-term disability benefits to help protect your financial well-being. This benefit gives you peace of mind and ensures you can focus on your recovery without worrying about finances.

Financial Benefits At Walmart

Taking care of your financial well-being is important, and Walmart offers several benefits to help you manage your finances. If you’re going to work for a big company like this for any significant length of time, then you’ll want to take advantage of the pool so you can get a bigger piece of the financial pie.

Some of the financial benefits available to associates include employee discounts, savings and retirement Plans, and stock purchase options. Let’s get into each of these.

Employee Discounts

As a Walmart associate, you receive a special company discount on the products you love. This discount can be applied to various items, including groceries, electronics, and more, ultimately helping you save money while shopping for your everyday needs.

How much though? Well, its a modest 10% and I think considering its on most items that Walmart carries, its not a bad deal!

Generally speaking, associates can’t share these discounts with family and friends. That’s the unfortunate part, however, you can share the discount directly with a spouse or domestic partner.

This discount isn’t available right away as you’ll need to have put in 90 days of time with the company before its available to you.

Savings and Retirement Plans

Walmart provides two types of retirement plans: The 401(k) Plan and the Associate Stock Purchase Plan (ASPP).

Planning for your future is essential, and Walmart provides a 401(k) plan to help you save for retirement. With a Walmart 401(k), the company matches your contributions up to 6% of your pay. That’s a huge amount and incentivizes putting money away for your future.

And as an associate you can contribute a large amount of your salary per pay period, from 1% all the way to 50%.

Let’s discuss the ASPP next!

Stock Purchase Options

Walmart offers its associates the opportunity to invest in the company through the Associate Stock Purchase Plan. This plan allows you to purchase Walmart stock through payroll deductions. It’s convenient and you can adjust the amounts between 1% to 10% of your own contributions per pay period.

What I love about this is that you can purchase Walmart stock at 15% of what it’s valued at, which is an amazing deal. You can also earn dividends and reinvest those automatically to purchase more stock if you choose to do so.

As with any of these retirement and savings plans, some of it depends on your employment status, years with the company, and other factors. But I do love how easy they make it to get saving right away for the future while you can focus on simply working.

Education and Training Benefits

If you’re a bit younger and wondering how you can pay for school, then Walmart may be a great option for you. They offer education benefits to their associates with programs that support your pursuit of a college degree.

The only thing is you have to be willing to take these classes online. However, the area tends is that the program offers a range of online education programs from various universities and training providers, including high school completion programs, college degrees, and skilled trade certificate

All you have to do is apply for Walmart’s Live Better U (LBU) program which covers 100% of college tuition and books for its associates. They offer this benefit in various fields such as business, supply chain management, technology, and healthcare.

Interesting about the program is that about 2 years ago they waived the $1 per day fee and now fully cover all the tuition.

Time-off Benefits

Last but not least is the benefits related to having time off. Walmart offers a bit of everything here including PTO, PPTO, parental leave, sick leave, and much more.

Paid Time Off

Walmart offers two forms of Paid Time Off (PTO): Regular PTO and Protected PTO. It’s a competitive policy that allows you to accumulate PTO based on your hours, allowing you to take time off for vacation, personal days, or illness. It’s designed to give you flexibility and control over when to use your time off.

Regarding how much PTO you can gain, it depends on how many years you’ve worked with them. So, there’s incentive to staying longer with them because your benefits increase. Employees earn PTO with every hour worked, and the more years you work for Walmart, the faster you earn it. 

Not a bad deal!

Parental Leave

Walmart provides generous parental leave benefits for its employees. If you’re a birth mom, you’re eligible for up to 16 weeks of paid time off for maternity leave. New dads, non-birth moms, and adoptive parents can also benefit from six weeks of paid parental leave to bond with their new family members.

In addition to the paid time off, Walmart offers a $5,000 adoption benefit to assist you with the costs associated with adopting a child. As an employee, this benefit makes growing your family more accessible and financially manageable.

Covid-19 Related Benefits

Walmart has a policy in place to ensure the health of its associates. If you test positive for COVID-19 or must isolate due to exposure, Walmart provides one week of paid leave instead of the previous two weeks. This paid leave is available to assist you during isolation and recovery.

In addition to the paid leave, Walmart associates who are sick may receive up to 26 weeks of additional COVID-related pay, as determined on a case-by-case basis. This extended support provides financial stability as you navigate your health journey.

The policy that is enforced is determined by which level you fall on the scale. Walmart has 4 levels under this policy, with level 3 being required for the 26 weeks rule to kick in. This rule applies to both unsalaried employees, hourly, and OTR drivers.

You can read the detailed policy here.

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