When Does Walmart Get Christmas Stuff – Decor, Gifts, & More!

As the holiday season approaches, you might wonder when Walmart will start stocking its shelves with Christmas items. It’s the best time of year, and the some of us can’t wait to get into the holiday spirit. Well, you’re in luck because it’s sooner than you might think!

Walmart begins displaying Christmas and holiday items in the middle of October. The dates can vary slightly each year, but generally a few weeks before Halloween. So yes, you can expect to find all the holiday decorations, gifts, and essentials at your local Walmart store by mid-October.

So, watch for those twinkling lights and festive ornaments in October, and you’ll be well-prepared to create a magical holiday atmosphere for your loved ones to enjoy. Lets get more into how to take advantage of these early sales, how to preorder Christmas items at Walmart, and a bit of what you can expect to find once the holiday shopping season arrives!

When Does Walmart Start Christmas Sales

Walmart usually starts its Christmas sales and decorations in mid-October. This is when they begin putting out various holiday merchandise, including trees, ornaments, wrapping paper, and gifts. You can expect to find tons of seasonal products in stores during this time. Watch for their “Early Deals Drop,” their signature event to kick off the holiday shopping season.

Additionally, signing up for their newsletter or browsing through their weekly ad flyers is a great way to spot exclusive offers and promotions. I’ve found Christmas items on sale even earlier from their online inventory vs the in-store displays.

For example, a quick search in August shows that you can already get your hands on Christmas trees and lights, but it requires 2 – 3 days shipping before you can pick it up in store. These can come from Walmart’s own warehouse inventory before it hits the stores. You can also use their online platform to find Christmas items anytime of the year sold by third-party merchants.

So, while you may be waiting out for the gear to get loaded into the aisles and booths in the store, you can always get a hold of things you want via their website. Not only are the items a little cheaper out of season, but you won’t have to worry about inventory issues, picked over items, or large crowds either.

What kind of Christmas decorations does Walmart sell?

When Walmart finally puts out its Christmas stuff, you’ll be happy to know that the selection is massive. They carry different types of Christmas decorations including indoor and outdoor decor, themed foods, and clearance items. Let’s talk about a few of those below.

Indoor Christmas Decor

At Walmart, you can find a fantastic selection of indoor Christmas decorations to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home. From faux greenery and flocked trees to unique ornaments like the Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament, there is something for everyone’s taste.

Additionally, you can find holiday-themed dolls, Star Wars decorations, and even Christmas-inspired electronics and gaming accessories.

Outdoor Christmas Decor

Walmart also offers a variety of outdoor Christmas decorations to help you create a winter wonderland in your yard. You can easily transform your outdoor space into a holiday spectacle, from twinkling lights to inflatable characters and festive yard signs.

Sporting goods like sleds and snowball makers can add to the fun of experiencing winter outside with your loved ones.

Then of course there are live Christmas trees available too. If you’re willing to wait closer to Christmas and not when the sales begin, you can get live trees at a considerable markdown. I’ve scooped up amazing Christmas trees for just $10 before, although the selection was not huge.

Christmas Themed Foods

No holiday celebration is complete without themed food items. Walmart carries a selection of Christmas-themed snacks, baking goods, and even adorable kitchen accessories featuring popular characters like Baby Shark.

My favorites are the Christmas gingerbread cookies, chocolate oranges, and the Royal Dansk cookies. Then of course, candy canes in rainbow flavors, peppermint and more. While a ton of the new food will be in the bakery section, all types of sweet snacks will be placed throughout the aisles. It’s really a fun time and a big contrast from the Halloween season just before it.

Clearance Christmas Items

Many times in the clearance bins I come across chocolate oranges, Santa themed stockings, miniature Christmas games, and even some items from the previous Christmas that are still great additions to the home. What you’re not likely to find here though are some of the marquee items.

Things like brand partnership items, any kind of dishes, or electronics either. However, if you’re looking for some quality decor, or smaller items, Walmart does a good job here making those things available.

What I will say is that these bins don’t really ill up until right after the holiday season. Sometimes you’ll see immediate markdowns the day after Christmas, and that’s honestly a great time to stock up on these items.

Is There An Ideal Time To Purchase Christmas Items At Walmart?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the “ideal” time for purchasing Christmas items at Walmart. If you are eager to start your holiday preparations early, you can begin shopping as soon as the first signs of Christmas appear in October.

However, if you’re more interested in scoring some deals, you may want to hold off until the Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales events. Waiting until after Thanksgiving often brings in a wave of discounts and promotions, as retailers like Walmart want to capitalize on the holiday shopping frenzy during Black Friday sales events.

I also suggest shopping out of season, and doing so online. You’ll get more of a selection from third-party sellers by doing it this way, and the demand for items will be much lower. This means better deals and more selections.

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