Can Home Depot Store Credit Be Used Online

If you have recently shopped at Home Depot for your DIY or home renovation project, you may need to return a product you didn’t use. Maybe you bought the wrong caulk for your bathroom tiles, or is that just me? You may prefer a cash refund for the product you bought at Home Depot, but the store may give you a “store credit” instead. Can this store credit be used to shop for items online?

No, you cannot use a Home Depot store credit to purchase items on its website. Even though there are 1,995 U.S. Home Depot store locations, you may prefer to shop online for a particular reason.

So, how can you use your store credit to purchase something you want online? Is there a way to get the store to transfer your store credit into a gift card? Why did Home Depot give you a store credit anyway, and can you ask for a refund instead? These are all good questions that you probably wonder if you are a shopper at Home Depot. Keep reading for more information.

Convert your in-store credit into a gift card

Great idea! You can go to a Home Depot location with your in-store credit receipt and purchase a gift card. That way, you can spend the money as you please. 

An in-store credit is a paper receipt with a record of you returning a Home Depot product. The receipt states the amount of money the return was for and allows you to use that money toward another product. 

If you decide to transfer the in-store credit amount onto a gift card, you may then use your gift card to shop online for any item, from power tools to sink faucets.

Why did Home Depot give you a store credit?

You will receive a store credit instead of a refund if you return an item outside its return period. If you return an item within the stated period on your receipt, you can get your money back. Different categories of items have varying return window timeframes; you can read the full detail on return windows here.

Another reason you may receive an in-store credit instead of a cash refund is that you still need to receive your receipt. 

A Home Depot customer service representative explained major appliances could only be returned for a refund within two days of receiving the product via delivery or store pick-up. The product can only be returned for a refund if the appliance is defective or damaged.

Other items, like area rugs and furniture, have a 30-day return policy window. Items like power tools and hardware have a 90-day return policy window.

When you purchase your items, ask your cashier for a receipt. Having your receipt will not only state your return window at the bottom for you but also make your return more efficient. If you still need to get your receipt, Home Depot will only give you a store credit for the lowest price advertised on the product. 

If you still need to get your receipt, Home Depot says purchases made on credit cards, debit cards, and checks may be stored in their system for up to 30 days.

What if the product you want is only available online?

If you have a store credit, you cannot use this to purchase items on the Home Depot website. So, what should you do if the item you want is only sold online?

One option we have stated is that you can go into a Home Depot store and purchase a gift card with your store credit. You can then go home to your computer to purchase the item with your new gift card.

Another option is to bring your store credit to a Home Depot cashier or customer service representative and let them know there is an item online you want to purchase. From there, the Home Depot staff member can order the item in the store for you.

Likely, they will transfer your store credit funds onto a gift card and then use it on your behalf, all while you’re standing there to confirm the shipping details.

The return perks on the Home Depot Credit Card

If having cash refunds is important to you at Home Depot, you should consider a Home Depot credit card. With the credit card, products, including major appliances, can be returned for up to one year for a money refund.

The Home Depot credit card has other perks like discounts, returns without receipts, and an accumulation of points to be used at the store. You can find more detailed information on the various Home Depot credit cards at their Credit Center.

Transfer your Credit to a Gift Card

Your best bet for using an in-store credit online is converting your credit into a Home Depot gift card. With the gift card, you can purchase the item you want online. If you need help purchasing an item online, an associate can help you make the purchase right there on their computers in the store.

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