When Does Family Dollar Restock

If you are seeking low-priced grocery and household items, you may be curious about shopping at Family Dollar. Of course, we all know “dollar stores” have items priced for more than a dollar, but you can still find a variety of low-cost deals there. If you are running into issues getting the items you regularly need, one solution is to know exactly when Family Dollar restocks its stores.

The over 8,000 Family Dollar store locations in all U.S. states stock their stores on different days of the week, but usually, there is a regularly assigned restocking day once per week.

How can you find out what day your local Family Dollar location stocks up, and when is the best time to shop for those freshly restocked items? If you are wondering about more ways to shop for items at Family Dollar and find the products you are trying to hunt down, keep reading to find out how.

When does Family Dollar restock?

Restocking occurs once per week for most Family Dollar locations. For example, a truck usually arrives on a weekday early in the morning to drop the items off. The staff will then have that day to initiate restocking the shelves right away.

How do you find out which day your store restocks? Call the store directly and ask a staff member. If the staff member that picks up the phone does not know, you can ask for the store manager. The stores in my general area told me they restock on Tuesdays.

If you go to Family Dollar’s website, you can click on the “your store” option in the top left of the website. This feature will allow you to type in your zip code to find your local store addresses.

One feature I like is that the store locater allows you to filter certain extraneous departments and services that are only available at certain stores. For example, if you are looking for helium balloons, tobacco, an ATM, or ice specifically. 

After you find your preferred stores, you can view the store information. This includes the store address, store location #, phone number, email, hours, store amenities such as whether they sell ice or tobacco, the weekly ad specific to this store, and an option to “save this store” as your preferred store when shopping online for next time.

Which products get restocked the most?

Family Dollar is a variety store selling paper products, household cleaning supplies, beauty, and personal products, clothing, seasonal decorations, and more. You can find nail polish, pots and pans, Christmas trees, and frozen dinners. So which products can you always find at a Family Dollar, and which products might you need to check on their stocking schedule?

There is no guarantee any item will be in stock at your location. If you keep finding your local Family Dollar isn’t stocked with something you need like toilet paper, you might consider finding out which day of the week is their restocking day. That way, you can be one of the first customers to buy the store’s new inventory. Usually, the paper products are restocked more frequently.

You can call the store directly and a staff member can tell you if something specific like a Duraflame firelog or Dove deodorant is in stock, and when they expect this specific product to be restocked if it isn’t. Usually, the employees will have an idea of the stocking patterns of their particular store.

Regularly stocked items include grocery items, sodas, paper products, and household items. Seasonal décor will likely be restocked less often. Specialized items like Hot Wheels or Tech Decks are only available at certain locations and restocked less often than weekly. Some customers are adding to their CD collection because their local Family Dollar locations sell CDs.

What if your item is out of stock?

Believe it or not, you can go online to www.familydollar.com and order items directly from the website. Everything from seasonal items to Duraflame indoor fire logs can be bought online. Family Dollar will ship items directly to your home address.

If you are already in the store and you cannot find an item, approach a staff member. The staff member can help you find out whether there are any of these items left in the storage room or whether they are indeed out of stock on this item.

Family Dollar managers can help you right there from the store to order an item off of the website. This is a great option if you prefer someone to help you. You can have the item shipped to this store location and pick it up at that time, or have the item shipped directly to your home.

Call your local store

If you have questions about a specific item, it is best to just call your local store. You can find store contact information on the Family Dollar website. Ask the staff member on the phone what their typical “restock day” is, and whether it’s best to come on that day specifically or the next day.

If you are looking for a particular item, the staff member should be able to answer your question over the phone as to whether the product is available at that time. Usually, if they have worked there for a while, they can give you insight as to whether the item is usually stocked weekly or not.

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