Home Depot Sick Policy

Getting sick is an unavoidable part of life. Knowing your employer’s sick policy for the inevitable emergencies and sick days is essential. This guide to the Home Depot sick policy will tell you everything you need to know about sick time at Home Depot. 

Home Depot Paid Time Off

Paid time off (PTO) is a benefit of working at a company like Home Depot. This benefit allows employees to take off work but still earn regular wages while away. PTO is calculated after thirty days of employment at Home Depot. After your first 30 days, every month you work will accumulate hours of PTO. 

Fortunately, this benefit is not limited to full-time employees. Part-time employees are eligible for sick time, but the hours vary. For example, if you work for 12 months at Home Depot as a part-time employee, you will have 24 hours of PTO by the end of those twelve months. If you are a full-time employee who works 12 months at Home Depot, you will have accumulated 36 hours of PTO. 

Home Depot Accumulated Paid Time Off

At Home Depot, employees who call out on their shift with accumulated paid time off will have those hours deducted from their PTO bank. Your PTO bank is the amount of accumulated PTO you have. For example, if you are a full-time employee with 36 hours of PTO but call out of your 8-shift, your PTO bank will now have 28 hours of PTO in your bank.

When working at Home Depot, remember your PTO bank when calling out. Many employees save their PTO to take vacations without missing out on salary. 

Calling Out Without Paid Time Off

Home Depot calls a discipline violation an “occurrence.” Calling out of work without any sick time results in an occurrence. Occurrences are also given to employees who are late or fail to clock in or out. After receiving three occurrences, your manager will speak with you about how to avoid future occurrences. 

Calling Out Sick at Home Depot 

If you work at Home Depot or are considering a future career at the company, it’s beneficial to know how to call out sick at Home Depot. No managers can deny a call-out request if you inform them that you cannot work.

When you call out sick at Home Depot, you will need to contact the store manager or head of the department to let your manager know you will be unavailable to work your shift. If you require multiple sick days consecutively but have no PTO, your absence may result in receiving one (1) occurrence instead of an occurrence per shift missed. 

Doctor’s Notes

At Home Depot, doctor’s notes are unnecessary for requesting time off unless you want to take a leave of absence. Those interested in taking a leave of absence for personal health, grief, and other personal situations can get information from Home Depot’s Human Resources account. 

Home Depot Health Resources

There are many other benefits to working at Home Depot beside the PTO. Home Depot offers many resources and information for every stage of your career. You can view an interactive list of your benefits as an employee on the Home Depot Benefits website. Here, you can gain more information on benefits such as: 

  • Wellness
  • Retirement
  • Financial Goals 
  • Bereavement
  • Further Education 
  • Self Care 
  • Sickness 

These are just a few informational resources Home Depot offers its employees. If you are a Home Depot employee, consider taking the time to familiarize yourself with these resources. By informing yourself how to stay healthy and happy, you can minimize your call-outs and utilize your PTO without accumulating occurrences. 


It’s normal to take a sick day or two when you’re too ill to come to work. Your health should always come first. However, paid time off is an essential benefit to many employees who want to utilize it without losing their salary. If you are considering a job at Home Depot, familiarize yourself with the Home Depot Sick Policy.

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