Can Target Tow Your Car – Parking Rules & More

Parking lots are fantastic because you always know there will be somewhere to park when shopping, and if you’re in a pinch, you can leave your car there too. However, if you park your car in Target parking lots for long periods, you may start to worry: Can Target tow your car?

Target can tow your car if parked in their parking lot because it is private property. Abandoned or damaged cars will eventually be towed, and cars always be in the lot. Additionally, cars left overnight for multiple nights or parked in a pickup spot are liable to be towed.

Target can tow your car, but there are reasons why `it may be towed if it is in the parking lot; it will not be towed without a good reason. Keep reading to learn more and keep you – and your car! – safe. 

Reasons Why Target Will Tow Your Car

Target stores will not tow your car without reason, so look at some of the most common reasons your car may be towed from the lot. 

The Car Is Abandoned 

Abandoned cars will begin to stick out like a sore thumb once an employee notices it over time in the lot. 

Some people abandon cars in parking lots rather than keep them on their property. 

Stores, however, will eventually take notice of the car sitting in the lot after a few days or weeks and arrange to have the car towed.

The Car Has Damage To It 

The store will also tow cars with external damage left in the parking lot.

While it is not uncommon for people to drive damaged cars, a damaged car that sits in the parking lot will garner attention from store employees.

If you are driving your car to visit the store, no one will do anything to the car if it is there for an hour or two while you finish your errands.

On the other hand, if you plan to leave the car in the lot until you can get it fixed, don’t be surprised if you return to find that your car is gone. 

It Is Constantly There

Some people will use Target parking lots for other errands or if they work in the store.

As an ex-retail worker, I can tell you that we notice cars always in the parking lot, especially if they are parked in the same spot.

If the employee can realistically assume you work nearby, you might be fine with parking your car there.

However, if you are doing something shady or even living in your car, you might run into issues with getting your car towed.

It Is Parked In A Pickup Spot

Do not park your car in marked pickup spots for extended periods.

I’ll admit it: I’ve parked in a marked pickup spot to run a fast errand when there were no other spaces available, but I made my visit as fast as possible.

Don’t park your car in a designated spot; expect it to be there all day or for days at a time.

Some stores will be more on top of this than others, but you may find that your car has been towed for being in a designated space, especially at a peak time for the store, like Black Friday or the week leading up to Christmas.

The spaces are marked for a specific reason, so the store can indeed call to have your car towed.

The Car Was There For More Than Two Nights

Overnight parking for more than two or three nights will raise suspicion. 

Target is not open 24 hours like Walmart stores. Therefore, store employees who close and open the store will notice cars in the lot before opening or after closing.

A car always there after hours will raise concern with employees, meaning there is a greater chance that the store will tow your car.

3 Ways To Ensure That Your Car Will Not Be Towed

There are times and reasons that we cannot help but park a car in the Target parking lot. Follow some of these tips to ensure your car doesn’t get towed.

Park Away From The Store Entrance

If your car is parked there for reasons other than shopping, do not take up prime parking by parking near the front of the store.

You do not need to park your car near the store entrance for long periods. This will call attention to it, especially if it is still there after the store closes.

Instead, parking away from the store entrance. Utilize spots near the edges and back of the lot to not stick out.

Move The Car If It Is There For A Long Time

Move your car around the lot if you know you need to leave it in the parking lot for more than a few days. 

It can be a pain to have to return to the parking lot to move your car again but trust me; you will be happy you did if you can avoid having to pay a towing fee.

You can go to the store every few days to move your car. If you are on top of your game, you should be there every second or third day to move your car.

Don’t move your car over a few spots, either. Move your car:

  • Closer to the front if it is in the back
  • From the left side of the lot to the right side

Make it obvious that the car is moving. Do not only move down one or two spots and expect it to not seem like your car is still in the same place as it was previously.

Patronize The Store

Finally, make it a point to use the store. 

Do your shopping at the store. Visit now and then, even if you do not intend to purchase something there.

This way, you can say that you have indeed shopped at the store if anyone raises the issue that your car is parked there.

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