Can Target Ban You – Here’s How To Avoid It!

Most people come and go from stores as they please during normal business hours. You might wonder if you can be prevented from entering the store, so you start researching this: Can target ban you?

Yes, Target can ban you from the store. The store may be a public place because you can go in and shop, but Target is private property Offenses like shoplifting, trespassing, and breaking store rules can result in a ban. Finally, returning items often can also turn into a store ban. 

You can be banned from Target for many reasons, so we’ll cover some ways you can get yourself banned. Keep reading to learn more about how you can get banned – and make sure you go against those things, so you don’t get banned!

Ways That You Can Banned From Target

You can do a few things that can end up getting banned from Target. The following are some of the most common ways that people get banned. 

You Harassed Other Customers Or Associates 

Harassment – whether sexual or otherwise – will get you banned from Target.

When you enter a store, you assume you will not bother customers or associates. If you don’t follow this rule, you can get banned.

The ban can last anywhere from a few days to a few months to a year. Stores will rarely ban someone for life, but this can happen if you are a consistent problem. 

You Shoplifted

Stealing is another way to get yourself banned from a store like Target.

Shoplifting can end in getting a fine, being arrested, or being banned from the store. In certain situations, all three can happen to you at once. 

Loss prevention is one of the most important aspects a store focuses on, so you can bet that a store can and will take extreme measures against someone stealing.

You Got Physical With Customers Or Associates

Getting into physical fights can get you banned.

Most stores do not tolerate physical altercations, whether against store associates or other customers.

Customers can get belligerent, making someone angry enough to put their hands on another person.

Much like shoplifting, the consequences of physical fighting can be hefty against the person who did it. 

You Returned Too Many Items Too Often

You can get banned from stores for returning items too often.

Now, most shoppers return items from time to time, especially if something does not work out for you.

Some people take advantage of return policies at stores as a way to attempt to scam the system.

People can scam stores by stealing items and “returning” them without a receipt for store credit or trying to rack up points to use before returning items. 

The average shopper will not be banned for returning items five, ten, or even fifteen times a year – even if that seems excessive!

You Were Trespassing 

You can trespass in a store, which will get you banned. 

You can trespass in a store in the following ways:

  • You tried to enter the store after hours
  • You went into employee-only sections of the store
  • You were dumpster diving in areas that are posted as “No Trespassing”
  • You tried to enter the loading dock or storage area of the store

You Broke Store Rules

Stores have rules, and breaking them will mean you can get banned. 

Stores have both rules that are posted and others that are not publicly posted. 

Breaking either of these rules can result in you getting banned from the store. Some of these rules include:

  • Lying to associates
  • Arguing with employees
  • Filming in stores
  • Trying to return defective items
  • Loitering
  • Soliciting or selling items without permission 

3 Things To Do If You Are Banned From Target

It can be difficult to lift a ban once it is put in place by a store, but you can try if you love the store you were banned from. 

Do not push or fight with the store to lift the ban ahead of time because it can end up making it worse.

Explain Your Side Of The Story

One of the best things you can do is politely explain your side of the story.

Explaining yourself can work if you are caught shoplifting or returning items too often. For instance, you may have been down on your luck and did those things to keep yourself afloat.

Of course, such an explanation does not excuse your behavior, but it can clear the air between yourself and the store.


An apology can go a long way with some store managers.

Someone who is banned may not want to say sorry, but it is one of the best things you can do. You do not need to explain yourself; instead, say that you are sorry and move on. Do not expect anything in return. 

This may not get your ban lifted, but when the ban is over, it will be easier to return to the store to continue shopping. 

Stay Away From The Store Until Your Ban Is Over

Finally, the easiest thing you can do is adhere to your ban until it is over.

My recommendation is to heed the ban for one month, six months, or a year.

Do not:

  • Try to enter the store
  • Shop online and pick up in store
  • Argue with employees about the ban
  • Stalk store employees

Do not go to the store. You can find items at Target at other places or shop online to get what you need.

Once the ban is over, return to the store while following the rules that are set in place. As long as you follow the rules, you will not have any problems with the store going forward.

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