Target Can’t Cancel Order – Here’s What You Can Do

Target is one of the biggest retailers, so it makes sense that people rely on them for many different orders and sometimes even most of their shopping needs. 

However, it can be incredibly frustrating when Target has a problem, like when you can’t cancel an order after placing it. 

The good news is that Target will let you cancel most orders if they haven’t already been processed for shipping. If your order is already shipped, you might have to do a return instead of canceling the order, but we’ll also walk you through that process. 

How To Tell If You Can Cancel Your Target Order

First, you’ll need to log in to the Target app or pull up the website on your computer. Either option works equally well, and the system is the same in both locations. So feel free to use whichever platform works best for you. 

Next, you’ll need to select your purchases. This will pull up a list of your purchases, including any recent orders you might want to cancel. 

Here’s where it gets a little tricky. For most Target orders, you can’t just cancel the order. Instead, you’ll cancel individual items in your order. 

That can be helpful in some cases. If you order too many of one item or decide you don’t want to buy that new sheet set, you can cancel an individual item but keep the rest of the order as is. 

But, if you need to cancel an entire order, you’ll need to select all of the individual items and then select “Cancel Items” on your screen. 

Unfortunately, since Target may process some items before others, you might not always be able to cancel items in your order if they’re already processed for shipping. The Cancel Items button won’t work if you have one of those items selected when you try to cancel. 

How Long Does It Take Target To Process Pickup Orders? 

Processing time depends on your ordered items and whether they’re in stock at your local Target location. 

For any items the store has in stock, you can expect the order to be processed and ready for pick up within about 2 hours of ordering. 

Other items that either need to be shipped from a warehouse or another store to your location may take 5-7 days before they’re ready to pickup. 

I Cancelled My Target Order, But Still See A Charge On My Bank Account?

When you cancel any order that’s in process, there’s a chance that this will happen. The amount you see on your bank account won’t be charged unless there’s another problem in the system. You can always call Target with your order reference number and request a refund if that happens. 

What you’re seeing is a pending charge, or an authorization hold, which means that Target had requested the funds from your account before the order was canceled. Once their system processes the cancellation, they’ll cancel the charge for those items to your account. 

That way, the charge never goes through, but your bank balance may be slightly lower for 24 hours as the bank catches up. Authorization holds help prevent overdrafts on your accounts, so it’s a good thing that this happens, even if it’s a little frustrating. 

Will Target Cancel My Order If I Don’t Pick It Up? 

Yes. Suppose you have a pickup order at Target and don’t retrieve your items within three days of the order being completed. In that case, they will cancel the order, refund your money, and the items will be added back to their regular inventory or shipped back to their original location. 

That means you need to pick up your orders relatively quickly, and you’re protected from being charged if something happens and you don’t have an opportunity to get them. 

How Do I Return An Online Order From Target? 

If you had an order shipped before you could cancel it, or the items you received aren’t quite what you were expecting, you can follow the normal return process to get a refund for those items. 

That means you’ll need to take the items back to a local Target (it doesn’t have to be the location you technically ordered from) and bring a receipt and payment information for the order. Alternatively, all online orders that Target ships also include a preprinted return label, so you can put the label on the original package (over the old shipping label) and send it back through the mail. 

You can get the receipt or order barcode from the packing slip sent with your order, your order details page on the app or website, or the Guest Services department can look up the receipt using your original payment method (Your debit or credit card number). 

Target accepts most items within 90 days of purchase, but it may be harder to get a refund if you’re outside that purchasing window. 

How Can You Contact Target For Help With Your Order? 

Sometimes something goes wrong with your order, and these steps aren’t enough to help. Whether you’re struggling to cancel an order, received your items damaged, or didn’t receive them, it can help to contact Target directly and speak with a representative. 

Target’s Returns page can offer helpful information for situations like getting a gift receipt or returning items. 

Or contact their Fix team if your order arrives damaged, with parts missing, or if there are any other serious problems. 

Their Help Page also has a lot of useful links, depending on the exact type of problem you’re dealing with. 

If you would rather call Target, you can call 1-800-591-3869 for online purchases or 1-800-440-0680 for store purchases. 

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