Can Walmart Ban You – 6 Things You Should Know!

While everyone has made the joke at least once that they have been banned from a store, it could actually be true in some cases. Don’t act like a fool in Walmart before doing your due diligence on the question: can Walmart ban you?

Walmart can ban you from the store because they are a private company.

You can be banned from a store like Walmart, even though it is a public place. Keep reading to learn how you can get banned from Walmart and what to do to avoid getting banned.

6 Reasons That You May Get Banned From Walmart

While there may be other ways to get banned from Walmart, here are the 6 top reasons why you may find yourself banned from Walmart.

1. You Were Stealing

People who steal cannot always be stopped or caught by store employees.

If you are someone with a known habit of stealing from Walmart, then there is a chance that you can find yourself banned by store management.

It can be difficult to prosecute shoplifters, so this is the store’s way of preventing loss without involving the authorities.

2. You Are Loud And Disruptive

You can get banned for being loud or disruptive in the store.

And no, I’m not talking about that crying baby that a mother is trying to console.

Anyone loud and disruptive consistently can be banned from the store for the behavior.

Being obnoxious in the store can easily distract and bother other shoppers, so store management may not let that slide.

3. Disturbing Others In The Area

Physical altercations are almost always a surefire way of getting banned from any store.

It’s never condoned inside a private store, so you may find yourself with a ban. This kind of behavior can also be something that warrants calling in security.

4. You Disrespected Employees

Some stores do not protect their employees from belligerent customers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get banned for doing it.

If you are excessively rude, mean, or threatening to a store employee, the store manager can choose to ban you from the store in the best interest of the store’s employees.

The store can also call law enforcement if you threaten a store employee.

5. You Did Something That Had Law Enforcement Involved

Walmart is a crazy place sometimes, and a whole host of things can happen where the authorities need to be called.

You can do any number of things aside from stealing or fighting where the higher authorities may be notified. In essence, if you think it’s questionable behavior, it’s advisable not to do it and invite that kind of headache to your shopping experience.

If you think that you may not be allowed l to do it in the store, don’t do it and save yourself from being banned from a store where you can get almost anything you need.

6. You Do Not Follow The Rules

Walmart doesn’t have a list of rules posted on every wall in the store, but you should follow the rules that you do know about Walmart.

Here are some of the spoken and unspoken rules that you should follow in Walmart:

  • Do not steal
  • Wear a shirt and shoes while in the stores
  • Do not abuse store employees or other customers
  • Do not loiter
  • Do not solicit or sell products without permission
  • Do not park RVs, trucks, or campers in the parking lot for excessive amounts of times
  • Do not smoke inside the store
  • Using prohibited items

3 Ways To Avoid Getting Banned From Walmart

As long as you act like an average member of society, you won’t find that you will be banned from Walmart.

If it is still a concern for you, here are a few tips to ensure that you will not be banned from Walmart or any other store.

1. Follow The Rules

This one should be something you should have learned at a young age, but follow the rules inside the store.

Yes, that includes the ones you disagree with too.

Chances are, the employees that you are encountering are not the ones who made the rules, so you should not give them a hard time for enforcing the rules.

You are not spending your entire life inside Walmart, so you can do as they ask for the hour or two that you are inside the store.

2. Do Your Shopping And Leave

In other words, you should not loiter on the premises.

As long as you do your shopping and leave, you should not be worried about getting banned from the store.

Since most Walmart stores are open 24 hours a day, it can be tempting to hang around the store, especially if you are experiencing homelessness or cannot afford utilities at your own home. Walmart is such a big store that employees may not notice if you are there for a few hours, but do not overstay your welcome at the store.

As much as possible, simply get the things you need and move on.

3. Treat The Property And Employees With Respect

Even though Walmart is a store, treat it and the people who work there with respect.

Do not break fixtures or items for sale. Do not fight with employees who enforce the rules or try to do their job.

If you find it difficult to respect the employees, simply stay away from them and try to limit contact if you are frustrated.

Again, you are often in Walmart for only a short time, so try to be respectful and not draw attention to yourself for all the wrong reasons while at the store.

Blending into the mass of shoppers at the store is the easiest and best way to patronize the store, purchase your items, and leave without fearing that you will be banned from the store for breaking the rules.

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