Can You Use Coupons In Walmart Grocery App

We all like to save a little money, and the best way to do that is with a coupon! You may have your coupons ready to go when shopping online on the Walmart grocery app. Before you look for a place to input the coupon, you may wonder, can you use coupons in the Walmart grocery app?

Walmart does not accept digital coupons on the Walmart grocery app. You can only use coupons in-store. 

Unfortunately, coupons won’t save you any money if you use the grocery app to shop at Walmart. Keep reading to learn more!

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Use Coupons In The Walmart Grocery App

Although we all want to be able to use coupons whenever we choose, there are some understandable reasons why you can’t use coupons with the Walmart grocery app.

Walmart Rarely Offers Coupons

Walmart as a store does not offer coupons.

Walmart’s business model does not have room for coupons like other stores that focus more on groceries.

Since Walmart does not push out many coupons for their products, there is little reason to tout that their app has coupons too.

Walmart Does Not Always Accept Manufacturer’s Coupons

Everyone finds manufacturer’s coupons helpful, but you may run into some issues when using coupons at Walmart.

Here are some reasons why you can’t use manufacturer’s coupons at Walmart:

  • The quantity does not match
  • Walmart doesn’t carry the product
  • The employee doesn’t know how to scan the coupon
  • The product is sold out

The Service Is New

The Walmart grocery app is a relatively new service offered widely.

Since the app is so new, there could be a chance that coupon use will become more prominent. 

For now, the app is a simple service. As employees and the company get more comfortable with this new business model, I am sure that the app will expand and offer more services than you see now. 

Walmart’s Prices Are Already Lower Than Most Competitors 

Walmart prides itself on its low prices.

The company may not accept coupons that will save shoppers more money on low prices.

Of course, this sounds like a fantastic deal to shoppers, but it does not make sense to stores that need to profit at a corporate level.

In the same respect, we might not want to wish too hard that Walmart will start to accept coupons. It could be that Walmart will start to raise prices and forego its everyday low prices model. Will we be saving any money at that point?

You Can’t Stack Offers

You cannot stack coupon offers at Walmart.

I feel powerful at a store and stack multiple offers to get the product for the least amount of money possible. Sometimes I even shock myself!

You cannot always stack offers at Walmart online. This means you would have to choose only one coupon on the app if coupons were accepted.

Would it even be worth it to be able to use only one coupon for a few cents off when you have several items in your cart that are eligible for coupons? I wouldn’t waste my time entering a coupon; chances are you wouldn’t.

5 Ways To Save Money At Walmart

Since you can’t use coupons on the grocery app, you might be wondering how you can save money at Walmart. The following five tips will keep more money in your pocket.

Shop In-Store With Digital Coupons

You may not be able to use coupons on the app, but you can use digital coupons in-store.

When shopping at Walmart in person, you can use more coupons, including those on your phone.

All you need to do is show the cashier your phone to scan or scan your phone at the self-checkout. That’s all you need to do to save money.

Print Out Your Coupons

You might be old school, and in that case, you can also print out coupons you find online to use in-store.

Printed coupons work the same as your digital coupons, even though they may seem “out of style” these days.

Remember that the cashier may keep your coupon, so you will not be able to use it again without printing it out.

Buy Groceries On The App And Go To Customer Service 

There is a way to use a coupon on the items purchased on the app, but it will include going to a Walmart store for Customer Service.

You can try to bring your receipt from your purchase with your coupons to Customer Service. The employee there may be able to adjust your total and give you any money that you would save with the coupons.

With this tip, I cannot guarantee that employees will be able to do this or know how to do this, but it is worth a shot if you have a coupon you can’t pass up on!

Buy Your Groceries Online

While you can’t use coupons on the app, you can use coupons on some items if you buy groceries at

Your coupon options may be more limited on the website, but you can use services that give you additional coupon options to help you out. 

The Walmart website functions differently than the app, and you can do more things on the website.

Look For Deals On

Head to for your shopping even without coupons to save a little money.

You may be able to find different deals on the website from third-party sellers. It could take a little more searching, but you may be able to save yourself a few extra dollars. 

Keep in mind that if Walmart is not the seller, you will not be able to return the item at Walmart’s Customer Service. Make sure you are happy with the product!

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