Does Walmart Take Doctor’s Notes

No one likes being sick, and it is even worse when you don’t feel well when you have to work a shift at Walmart. Ask yourself this when you go to the doctor’s office: Does Walmart take doctor’s notes?

Walmart does take doctor’s notes, but it is possible that your store manager will not accept your doctor’s note. 

It should be the case that your manager will accept your doctor’s note, but there are instances where this will not happen. Keep reading to learn more and be informed!

4 Reasons Why Your Manager Won’t Accept Your Doctor’s Note

The following are a few reasons your manager may refuse your doctor’s note after an absence. 

You Take Sick Time Often

If you are out sick all the time – with or without a doctor’s note – your manager may become suspicious of you.

Of course, medical concerns can be chronic, but employees also try to take advantage of their store managers and sick time policy. 

Such behavior could lead your manager to refuse any doctor’s note that you may bring in to excuse your sick time. 

Your Doctor’s Note Is Out Of Date

Don’t think you can pull one over on your store manager by providing a doctor’s note from a previous illness.

Chances are that your manager will at least glance at the date on the doctor’s note. If it turns out to be a few weeks, months, or years old, you may end up in more trouble than you were in the beginning. 

Your Doctor’s Note Is Fake

Some employees get tempted to fake doctor’s notes, which I advise against.

Most store managers will not call your doctor to follow up on a doctor’s note, but your manager may keep it on file.

If it comes to light that the doctor’s note is fake, then you could be fired for lying to management. 

You Failed To Provide It In A Timely Fashion

Do not drag your feet when your manager waits for you to submit a doctor’s note.

I recommend you bring your doctor’s note on the first day back at work. After all, you should have gone to the doctor while you were off, so you should already have the note ready.

Waiting a few days or weeks may not seem like a big deal, but your manager could choose not to accept your doctor’s note once enough time has passed.

There is a chance that you forgot to get a doctor’s note. In that case, you should call your doctor, explain what happened to your manager, and get a copy of the doctor’s note as soon as possible.

4 Tips Things To Do If Your Store Manager Does Not Take Your Doctor’s Note

You can’t help when you get sick, so if you are having trouble with your manager, here are a few things to handle the situation.

Explain The Situation To Your Manager

The doctor’s note should explain why you were out sick, but you can also explain what happened.

If you feel comfortable, you can tell your manager what your symptoms were and why it was in the best interest of everyone that you stayed home.

File A Complaint

You can file a complaint with Walmart corporate if you have an issue submitting your doctor’s note.

Unfortunately, this process isn’t quick, so you may be left waiting while your complaint is reviewed at the corporate level. 

Move Past The Issue

You can miss out on paid sick leave to move past the issue.

While I do not suggest doing this, you can also cut your losses and take unpaid sick leave. You should be paid for your time off, especially when you have a doctor’s note, but not everyone is confrontational in situations like that.

Sweeping the situation under the rug can be the easiest way to forget that it happened and move on.

Find A New Job

You may be bothered by your manager not accepting your doctor’s note enough to apply to other jobs.

Walmart pays its employees relatively well, but there is a good chance that you can make the same wage or more somewhere else.

Even people who love their job find it in their best interest to leave and find something else if something they do not agree with happens.

What Is An Excused Absence At Walmart

Stores have excused and unexcused absences at Walmart.

Let’s start with unexcused absences at Walmart. These include:

  • Being late to work
  • Not showing up to work
  • Taking a personal day without telling your manager

On the other hand, excused absences are valid absences with prior approval from management. You can get excused absences for:

  • Jury duty
  • Personal leave or vacation
  • Sick leave

For sick leave, it can be difficult to know ahead of time that you will be sick and need time to get better. Most companies provide their employees with paid sick time, but it often needs to be backed up with a doctor’s note if you have an extended absence. 

Can You Get Fired For Calling In Sick At Walmart

You can get fired for calling in sick at Walmart, even if you have a doctor’s note.

Walmart works on what is known as a points system, so I encourage you to make sure that you read and understand what this means in all aspects of your job.

You cannot miss work more than three times in six months, which may include excused absences with a doctor’s note.

Your manager may start to think that your absences are becoming a pattern if you are constantly calling off work, even with legitimate excuses and a doctor’s note.

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