Can You Get Gas With A Walmart E-Gift Card

A common given gift card location is Walmart. Walmart can fill your pantry, wardrobe, toolbox, and gas tank. This led me to think, in the age of everything via the internet, if I am gifted an electronic gift card (E-Gift card) to Walmart, can I get gas at the gas station with it? 

Not exactly. You can not walk up to a pump at the gas station and use an E-Gift card because there is simply no way to input that information from the card numbers online into the machine at the gas pump.

But do not fret! There is a little hack to get around this. You can take your E-Gift card information to a neighborhood Walmart, and a customer service representative can load your E-Gift card balance onto a physical gift card.

E-gift cards are so convenient for online shopping, but they make shopping in person a little more challenging. However, there are some ins and outs of using them in person. Keep on reading to find out more…you’ll thank me later!

Can you use a Walmart E-Gift card at any gas station?

Well, let me reiterate the most important information: you can not drive straight up to a gas pump at any gas station and use a Walmart E-Gift card at the machine. Save yourself the stress and embarrassment (and unneeded miles on the car), drive straight to your local Walmart, and ask the customer service representative to load your funds from your E-Gift card onto a physical gift card.

Once you have the physical gift card, drive to a Walmart or Sam’s Club gas station. Unfortunately, you can not even use a physical Walmart gift card at any gas station. Their gift cards are specific to their stores. Physical Walmart gift cards can only be used at gas stations associated with Walmart, Sam’s Club, or any of their other affiliates. 

Can you use a Walmart E-Gift card in a physical Walmart store?

You bet you can! Walmart will honor your E-Gift card in-store. It, of course, is valid online at their website ( as well, but if you are anything like me, you like to look at the options online but then physically see them in-store to make your final decision. 

How do you use your Walmart E-Gift card in-store?

That part is simple. Get your shopping needs in your basket and make your way to the checkout stand. Some check stands still have physical clerks, but many are fully self-checkout and digital. Your E-Gift card will work either way.

Once the clerk scans all of your items, let her know that you will be paying for your items with a Walmart E-Gift card. Pull the scanner code up on your phone or tablet and show it to the clerk.

She will then scan the code, and the available balance will be applied to your amount owed in-store, allowing you to pay for the remainder with other means of payment if there is any. If you are doing a self check out, when it comes to the final pay-by-option screen, select the Walmart gift card and use the scanner at the self-checkout station to scan your code on your phone.

If this gives you any grief, be sure to call over the self check out clerk with their simple attendant button on the screen, and he will help you apply your E-Gift card balance to your in-store purchase.

Now that the world is moving back into in-store shopping, some E-Gift cards aren’t as convenient. Lucky for us, when we are gifted the gracious Walmart gift card, we can utilize it in many ways! 

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