Will Home Depot Deliver Mulch

If you have a big project requiring a lot of mulch, you may not want to transport the mulch yourself. Oversized pallets of mulch are difficult to load and unload in significant quantities. 

Luckily, Home Depot will deliver mulch.  

Large projects can be a hassle if you don’t have appropriate transportation for the mulch pallets. Using Home Depot’s delivery service can save you some time and effort.

Home Depot Mulch Brands 

Home Depot offers a wide variety of mulch for your yards, such as wood, rubber, and pine options. You can also purchase mulch based on the brand. If these brands are available in your local Home Depot, you can get them delivered to your job site or home. 

  • Vigoro Mulch
    • One of the most popular mulch brands on the market, Vigoro mulch is available in wood, rubber, and seeding straw. They also offer a 12-month money-back guarantee.
  • Earthgro Mulch
    • Earthgro specializes in wood mulch with vibrant colors like red, brown, and black. Using wood mulch can minimize weed growth, stabilize the temperature, and control moisture.
    • This brand offers a range of sizes from 160 Sq.ft to 300 Sq.ft. With a natural look and a strong customer service policy, USA PINESTRAW is a great mulch option for your next landscaping project.
  • Swift Straw
    • Rolled long-leaf pine is an inexpensive option that can keep your lawn healthy and minimize damage from erosion.
  • Southwest Boulder & Stone (only available in bulk)
    • This mulch is chemical and colorless to protect your garden and soil. Made from Doulas Fir bark, Southwest Boulder & Stone can create natural barriers for your landscape.

With so many different types of mulch to choose from, consider your landscaping needs before buying. Once you determine the best mulch brand and type to purchase, you will then need to determine how much mulch you’ll need.

Mulch Calculator

After deciding on your mulch type, use the Mulch and Top Soil Calculator to determine how much mulch you’ll need for your project. Enter the width and length of your mulch project in feet, and the calculator will provide an estimate of how many bags you will need to complete the project.

Based on the size of your project, you will need to decide if you need to order your mulch in bulk. A good rule of thumb is that if you need more than 75 bags of a particular brand of mulch, consider shopping in bulk. 

Mulch Delivery Options

Depending on the size and availability of the item, you can get your mulch delivered to your home or project site the next day. If you need your mulch expedited, you can order it on the Home Depot website and pick it up the same day for no extra cost. However, you will need to transport it home yourself. 

Delivery Restrictions

According to the Home Depot website, there is a 75-bag limit on each order. If you need more than 75 bags, consider shopping for mulch in bulk. It costs anywhere from $8.99 to $79 to ship mulch to your home or job site. Depending on how much mulch you need to be delivered, here are the methods of transportation that determine delivery costs. For example, buying two or three bags of mulch would cost $8 in delivery fees because those items can be transported by car. If you were to buy 74 bags of mulch, you would then pay $79 in delivery fees because it will be transported in a larger vehicle. 

Delivery Method Cost
Box Truck/Flatbed$79.00

Flat-rate fee per transportation option

Delivery Turnaround Time

Home Depot offers next-day shipping for many items, including mulch. You can track your order using the account services on the Home Depot website. Not only can you track your order, but you should receive a call the day of confirming your delivery 30 minutes before arrival. Mulch delivery cannot be expedited, but you can choose a 4-hour time window for your delivery to arrive. 


Planning a landscaping project can be difficult. Many elements go into creating a peaceful landscape, including mulch. Luckily, Home Depot offers mulch delivery so that you can focus on building a beautiful landscape instead of transporting mulch from place to place. 

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