Walmart Refund Time – Credit Cards, Gift Cards, Store Credit, More

Shopping at Walmart is convenient, but sometimes you need to return an item and get a refund. The time it takes for Walmart to refund your money after a return or canceled order is pretty quick, as long as you have all the necessary receipts and are within their timelines.

The time it takes to process the refund may differ depending on your payment method. For example, refunding to a credit card typically takes ten business days or less. Refunds for store credit are usually instant. Cash refunds are also done there right on the spot.

Below is a table to further illustrate how long refunds can take at Walmart, depending on your payment form and other factors.

Payment MethodRefund Time
Credit Card3-5 business days
Debit Card3-10 business days
Walmart Shopping Card or Gift Card24 hours
CashInstantly at the store
Manufacturer RepairVaries by manufacturer
Table showing Walmart refund times

Refunds For In-Store Returns

To initiate an in-store return, you must bring your item along with the original packaging, accessories, and receipt to your nearest Walmart store. Also, bring your ID; in my experience, they always ask for a driver’s license or something similar.

The only catch is you need to do this step within the 90-day return window, which is applicable to most products you can find in Walmart. Once your return is processed, your refund will be issued as a store credit or to your original form of payment.

Online Returns

If you purchased from and wish to return your item online, you can start a return by logging into your account and selecting the appropriate order. Walmart will provide a return label with a QR code or barcode for you to print and attach to your package.

From what I’ve experienced, it’s similar to Amazon. Just pack the item carefully in its original packaging and all accessories, then ship it back to Walmart using the provided shipping label. Because it’s not in-store, and it takes time to ship and receive the items and scan them into their systems, these refunds take a bit longer.

Refunds for online returns are generally processed within ten business days once Walmart receives the item.

Marketplace Items

For items purchased from Walmart Marketplace dealers or resellers, you need to follow the Marketplace return policy, which may differ from Walmart’s standard policy. In that case, you have to contact the seller directly through your account and follow their provided return instructions.

Refund Timeline

Next, we’ll explore the typical refund timeline for Walmart and the factors that can affect it. Refunds may vary, but understanding the general process can help set your expectations.

Can I expedite my Walmart refund?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to expedite your Walmart refund. Whether its card, check, cash, credit, these timelines are all determined mostly by the financial institutions.

As a general rule, refunds are mostly processed within ten business days, but this timeline can vary depending on a few factors, such as the nature of the order, purchase cost, and payment method.

Do Walmart refunds take longer without a receipt?

While having a receipt makes the process smoother, getting a refund without one is not impossible. Your purchase history can help track down the transaction. However, refunds without a receipt may take a bit longer since Walmart needs to verify the purchase information manually.

If you lose your receipt, try out the receipt lookup tool. It works by letting you enter the store information, purchase date, and more, and then you can grab a copy of your receipt that way.

What factors might affect the refund timeline at Walmart?

Several factors could impact the refund timeline at Walmart. One major factor is the shipping process for items being returned by mail. If shipping delays, the refund processing time might be affected. The nature of the item, its cost, and your payment method can also influence the timeline.

Refunds To Gift Cards And Walmart Shopping Cards

I’ve done returns to gift cards a few times, and this step is usually instant. So, in cases where the returned item was purchased with a gift card, Walmart may refund the amount directly to the original gift card or issue a new gift card with the refund amount.

Keep your gift card information handy, though, it’s usually a necessary part while processing the refund.

The same can be said for Walmart shopping cards too. The refund will usually be credited back to the original Walmart Shopping Card or issued as a new shopping card.

Cash Refunds

For items with a value less than $10, Walmart may offer a cash refund upon return. You need to provide your original receipt while requesting a cash refund to help verify and facilitate the process.

Return Exceptions

Various electronic items, including tablets and cameras, often have a shorter return window. For example, Walmart’s standard return policy states that if an item is damaged or defective, a refund or a replacement can be requested.

Furthermore, it’s important to keep in mind that electronics must be returned in their original packaging, with all attachments and accessories. This is especially true for items like tablets and cameras. Such items may have additional return criteria, such as making sure the product is not damaged or tampered with.

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