Can You Get Into Sam’s Club With A Picture Of Your Card

Members of Sam’s Club love the exclusivity. You can spend a whole day shopping for everything from clothing to frozen foods. But what do you do if you need to remember your membership card? A good solution would be to have someone at home take a photo and send it to you.

However, Sam’s Club does not accept a picture of your card as evidence of membership.

This is to prevent someone from using another individual’s card. It would be straightforward for someone to take a picture of their card and send it to their friends. Sam’s Club wants everyone shopping there to have a valid membership. So they want to see your physical card.

There are a few solutions to this problem. If you still need to remember your card, Sam’s Club will not turn you away. You must go to the service desk to get a temporary card. But you cannot show a photo of your membership card to shop with Sam’s Club.

When You Need Your Card

You will need your Sam’s club membership card more than once when you visit Sam’s Club. An associate will stop you at the door when you enter to verify your membership. You must have it out most of the time so the associate can physically see your card.

You will also need it at checkout. You will scan your membership card at the self-checkout kiosk. This is to verify that your membership is valid. You will also need to scan your card at the member-exclusive gas station to receive the discount on fuel. You should make sure you always have your Sam’s Club Membership card with you in case you plan to stop in for a visit.

If you are prone to forgetting cards or prefer to use your phone’s wallet when you are out and about, Sam’s Club offers the option to store your card on your phone. Download the app, and you can get to your card there!

What to Do If You Forgot your Card

Only some people are on top of things when remembering what to grab on their way out the door. Try to remember to bring your card. However, you will not be turned away if you forget your card. 

If you get to Sam’s Club and find that you do not have your card, you can do one of two things. You can quickly download the app to gain digital access to your card. That way, it will always be on your phone, and you won’t need to worry about forgetting it again.

Sam’s Club will not accept a photo of your membership card, but you can visit the service desk to get a temporary copy. You can then use that when you check out without any problems. You can also go straight to the service desk for help.

Final Thoughts

If you have forgotten your Sam’s Club membership card, you should know that they will not accept a photo of your card for entry. They will require you to go to the service desk to get a temporary card. 

This is to prevent people from fraudulently using memberships. You will also need it to check out, and the self check out kiosk will not accept a picture of your card. If you are prone to forgetting things, download Sam’s Club app so you don’t have to worry about it again!

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