Does Sam’s Club Take Similac Checks

Anyone who has recently had a baby can tell you that all baby products are expensive. One of the very most expensive products associated with having a baby is the cost of their formula.

If your baby needs a specific brand of formula, you may be shopping around for the best place to purchase baby products and will be pleased to know Sam’s Club is a great place to shop for formula and that they also accept Similac checks. 

While Sam’s Club does accept Similac checks, they do not recommend them as the most efficient way to save money at their store locations.

Sam’s Club is a large wholesale retailer that already sells bulk projects at a discount, and there are other promotions available through Sam’s Club may turn out to be a better discount than using the Similac checks. 

What are Similac checks? 

Similac checks are a specific type of baby formula coupon that can be applied to purchasing Similac products at a discount, both online and in stores at many major retailers. These coupons allow customers to significantly reduce the cost of the formula, which is very helpful as the baby formula is quite costly.

The coupons have an expiration date, and they are usually good for a specific amount of formula, so you may need to purchase in bulk to take advantage of the deal. 

How do you receive Similac checks?

There are a couple of ways to obtain these checks, the easiest being signing up online to get on the mailing list. However, it often takes a fairly long period for the checks to arrive at your home, usually anywhere from a few weeks to over a month. There may be more efficient methods if you are looking to buy formula at a discount shortly.

Some doctor’s offices also give out Similac checks to those they know have young children using the formula. When you visit your child’s pediatrician to see if they can give you any, even if they do not initially offer the checks, it is always worth inquiring. 

Additionally, if you start using Similac products, the checks may be attached to the box with the product. If you request the formula samples, they will likely include coupons with the formula as well. 

Lastly, consider asking friends and family if they have any lying around. There’s always a chance others might have a few Similac checks left over from when their children need the formula they can pass on to you. 

How do you pay with Similac checks at Sam’s Club? 

For a Similac check to be processed at Sam’s Club, it must be run up as a check, not a coupon. If you are shopping in-store and you are receiving pushback from the sales clerk about their inability to use it as a payment method, visit the customer service desk. 

Make sure to be polite, but let them know they can be used; it is just imperative that they go through the checkout process as though it were a real check instead of applying the discount as a coupon. 

Is it possible to stack Similac checks at Sam’s Club? 

It is impossible to stack Similac checks together for the same purchase. The Similac checks are usually set up so that you receive a set amount of money off the purchase each time, not a percentage off like a true coupon. Instead, keep your Similac checks handy, so you can use one each time you purchase a formula. Babies require a lot of formula, so you will have an opportunity to use it in the future time. 

What other retailers accept Similac checks?

A plethora of retailers can accept Similac checks, giving you many options for where you can shop and use this payment method.

Walmart and Target are also retailers that always accept them, but sometimes it may take the sales associate a moment to correctly figure out how to process a Similac check in their POS system. Amazon is a great online retailer that sells formula where you can use Similac coupons while placing your order. 

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