Can You Make Copies At Walmart

Whenever I’m working on something important, I usually have to make copies. However, when its a lot of copies, it helps to have a place nearby where I can get this done while also getting in other shopping too.

So, It’s natural to question whether Walmart is viable for your copying needs.

Unfortunately, you cannot make copies at Walmart.

Copy Options At Walmart

Although Walmart can’t make copies for you in-store, they do sell the equipment necessary to do it on your own. By that, I mean copy machines, printers, and the like.

In case you’re considering purchasing a copy machine, Walmart sells copy machines, with basic models starting at around $40. This investment can save you the hassle of visiting a store whenever you need to make copies.

Although having your own copy machine is convenient, there are still things to do like maintenance, purchasing ink, and buying paper. However, in the end, it saves a ton of money compared to using a place like a print shop (more on this in a bit).

Alternative Locations for Making Copies

Your Local Library

One great option for making copies is your local library. Many libraries offer copy services for a low cost or even for free.

If you’re looking for more local options, public libraries often provide copying and printing services, which can be particularly helpful if you have a small print requirement. Many will offer the service for free or bill a small amount to your library card.

Its one of the cheapest ways to do this; however, libraries usually have limitations and rules around copies. For example, using it to make copies for business-related activities usually is a no-go. But, if it’s an important document like scanning a license or legal documents, it’s fine.

You can also use other library services, such as scanning and printing.

Print Shops

Print shops can include places like Kinkos and other local businesses.

Unlike public libraries, you can expect to pay a much higher fee per copy. The cost of copying, on average, is around $0.20 per copy for black and white and $0.30 per copy for color.


FedEx is another option for you if you need to make copies. They offer copying and printing services at their FedEx Office locations, and you can also print digital documents from the cloud.


A popular office supply store that provides copying services is Staples. They offer affordable prices and convenient locations, making copying quickly and efficiently easy.

Post Office

While not every post office offers copy services, some have photocopy machines for public use. It’s worth checking with your local post office to see if this is an option for you.

Community Centers and Apartment Complexes

Many community centers and apartment complexes have copy machines available for residents and visitors. This can be a convenient and affordable option for making copies, mainly if you live nearby.

In the past, I’ve used the business center in my apartment complex to do even the biggest of jobs. There are usually no limitations as much of the resources used are covered in the lease.

Grocery Stores and Pharmacies

You might be surprised that some grocery stores and pharmacies, such as CVS Pharmacy, H-E-B, Hy-Vee, and Fiesta Mart, also offer copying services.

Not all stores offer this, for example, the popular chain Publix does not offer copies or do faxes.

Online Copy Services

Another option is using online copy services like Rakuten or Best Value Copy. You can upload your documents, choose from various printing options, and deliver them to your home or office.

Best Value Copy offers black and white copies for 2.7 cents per page and color copies at a flat rate per page regardless of quantity. The estimated pricing for their printing services ranges from $0.03-$0.09 per copy. 

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