Does Walmart Pay Weekly – Payment Schedules & Expectations

When discussing employment at Walmart, one common question is whether Walmart pays its employees weekly.

Walmart does not pay its employees weekly. Payments are bi-weekly, meaning workers receive paychecks every two weeks. The payment amount can vary depending on factors such as the job role, location, work shift, and an employee’s experience level, with hourly rates typically ranging between $9 and $18.

To further support its employees, Walmart has implemented a system that enables workers to “cash out” up to half of their earnings for the current pay period at any time. This option offers some flexibility for those who may require access to funds before the next paycheck arrives.

Walmart’s Pay Schedule

Understanding the company’s payment schedule can be essential for current and prospective workers.

Payday And Schedules

Walmart pays its employees bi-weekly. This decision ensures accuracy and timeliness when processing payroll for Walmart’s over 2.2 million employees nationwide.

Walmart’s payday is typically on a Thursday when all its employees receive bi-weekly pay. This schedule allows for enough time to cross-check and verify that salaries are correct before being sent out to the employees, as well as providing consistency in payment dates.

Pay Periods

Since Walmart operates on a bi-weekly pay schedule, there are 26 pay periods per calendar year. Each pay period runs for two weeks, with the salary calculated based on the hourly wage and the number of hours worked.

The average hourly wage for a Walmart employee is around $21.23, with the possibility of increased shift differentials and bonuses based on factors such as position, experience, and responsibilities. This means an employee working full time (40 hours per week) earns approximately $849.20 per week before taxes.

To assist employees in managing their finances and accessing their earned wages, Walmart has partnered with the Even app, which offers tools for budgeting, saving, and accessing earned money before payday. Additionally, Walmart offers direct deposit options for payroll, making it easy for their employees to receive their pay in a timely manner.

Convenience and Ease of Payment

Getting Walmarts bi-weekly payments is easy. They have plenty of payment options available whether its direct deposit, or Even app to manage and track your payments. Here’s a breakdown on how some of these work.

Direct Deposit

Paychecks are delivered through direct deposit, ensuring employees receive their hard-earned money directly into their bank accounts.

Direct deposit is considered a reliable and secure payment method that allows employees to access their earnings without the hassle of cashing a physical check. Besides, no one likes losing checks in the mail, and direct deposit is an easier paper trail to trakc.

As Walmart pays its employees biweekly, the direct deposit system simplifies receiving and managing hourly wages.

Even App

This app allows employees to keep track of their earnings and budget and manage their financial responsibility more effectively.

The Even App also provides useful features such as insights into their spending habits and savings goals, making it a valuable tool for maintaining healthy personal finances.

The app allows you to see schedules and to plan ahead with your payments too. You can use it to budget in savings automatically out of each check as well as request early payments.

Instapay Feature

Another noteworthy feature of the Even App is the Instapay service. This service enables Walmart employees to access some of their earned wages early, providing additional financial flexibility.

With Instapay, employees can request up to 50% of their net earnings for the current pay period, offering a convenient solution for those who may encounter unexpected expenses or financial emergencies. To access advanced features like Instapay, employees must subscribe to the Even Plus plan, which is available for a nominal fee.

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