Does Aldi Sell Gift Cards – In-Store Options & Cost

Are you wondering if Aldi offers gift cards for purchase? You’re in luck! Aldi does sell gift cards in their stores, making it easy for you to share the joy of discounted groceries with your friends and loved ones.

You can usually find Aldi gift cards in the checkout aisle at their stores, near the mints and gum. Other times they are located in small booths located between the aisles. You can also request gift cards during checkout from an Aldi employee.

It’s important to note that ALDI gift cards are specifically intended for use within ALDI stores and cannot be applied to purchases from other retailers.

What types of gift cards are available at ALDI?

ALDI offers physical gift cards only. There are no e-gift cards or digital versions of them either. So, if you come across any websites claiming to sell Aldi gift cards, exercise caution and be wary of potential scams. To make an authentic purchase, you should stick to buying Aldi gift cards in-store.

When purchasing a physical gift card at an ALDI store, you can choose among a range of denominations. I also find them versatile gift cards, with prices ranging between $5 to $100. These gift cards can be loaded with any amount you desire in increments of $5.

Remember that these gift cards are designated for Aldi specifically and can only be used at Aldi store locations. You cannot use them to purchase additional third-party gift cards.

Aldi doens’t sell these gift cards online, and there are some limitations to them. For example, you can only purchase up to $5000 worth of gift cards per customer per day in their stores. They do have bigger plans if you need more, but those are mostly reserved for businesses only.

Can I find Visa gift cards at Aldi stores?

Visa gift cards are a popular option for giving as a present, and you might be wondering if you can find them at your local ALDI store. While ALDI is known for offering gift cards that you can load with a desired amount and use at any store location, its selection of third-party cards may vary.

During the holiday season, I’ve seen ALDI offer a limited selection of third-party gift cards, including Visa, in their stores. I’ve also seen the same at smaller grocery stores, and of course lage ones like Publix and HEB.

When it comes to ALDI, those additional gift card options are not available throughout the entire year. Instead, you can consistently purchase ALDI-specific gift cards.

While ALDI has a fantastic selection of affordable products, it’s important to remember that their focus is primarily on grocery items and their own brand-specific gift cards.

Using Aldi Gift Cards

Aldi gift cards are a convenient and thoughtful option for grocery shopping, making it simple for you and your loved ones to enjoy Aldi’s wide range of products. When redeeming your card, you can only do this in-store, not online.

In-Store Redemption

To use an Aldi gift card in-store, head to your nearby Aldi location and shop for groceries. When you’re ready to checkout, present your gift card to the cashier, and they will apply it towards your total.

If your purchase total exceeds the card balance, you can pay the difference using other accepted payment methods. Keep in mind that you cannot use your Aldi gift card to buy additional gift cards or third-party gift cards in-store.

Checking Your Gift Card Balance

It’s important to keep track of your Aldi gift card balance, and you can do it easily both online and in stores. In this section, we’ll go over the methods to check your balance and how to make sure you’re always aware of the funds available on your gift card.

Checking Balance Online

To check your Aldi gift card balance online, visit their official website, where you’ll find a dedicated page to input your gift card details. Locate the last 19 digits on the back of your card, alongside the security and confirmation codes. Upon entering these details, you can quickly find out your remaining balance.

Although the transacitons are mostly intant, sometimes the information available online may only sometimes be up-to-date, especially if you’ve recently made a purchase. Make sure to check back later or try another method of balance inquiry if your online balance seems inaccurate.

Balance Inquiry in Stores

Checking your balance in-store requires a trip, but its much more effecient and accurate. Just approach an available cashier and ask them to check your gift card balance for you. They will request your gift card and use their system to provide accurate information about your remaining funds.

Using the in-store method not only gives you on-the-spot information about your balance but also allows you to ask any other questions related to Aldi gift cards.

Limitations and Restrictions

In addition to the $5000 maximum daily purchase of gift cards in-store, there are a few other limiations you should know about. I’ll briefly cover their expiration, and refund policy.

Gift Card Expiration

Aldi gift cards do not expire, so you can use them conveniently without worrying about losing their value.

Refund Policy

As for their refund policy, ALDI gift cards are not redeemable for cash except in places where it is required by law. Furthermore, the card’s value can only be replaced if the card is recovered or stolen.

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