Does Walmart Provide Invoices

Whether you’re running a small business or just need good records for a client, having invoices of your purchase activity is important. You might wonder if stores like Walmart provide invoices for your purchases too.

Whether purchasing items in-store or online, Walmart offers ways to obtain an invoice. For purchases made on, you can access and print your invoice directly from their website.

In addition to online options, Walmart provides receipts for each in-store transaction, which can serve as an invoice. However, if you need a more detailed invoice with specific information, it might be a good idea to contact Walmart’s customer service for further assistance.

To help you figure out which options are right for you, I’ll be going over invoices for various programs such as if you’re a supplier, EDI services, editing invoices, and how Walmart helps you deal with issues if they arise. Let’s get into it!

Accessing Walmart Order Invoices For Regular Customers

If you’re looking for invoices as a regular customer, then the process is quite easy to do. You can login to your Walmart account and access all of your purchase history there. From the order details, select the dropdown and you’ll get a nice printable page that has all the important details.

It’ll have the date of purchase, payment method used, payment amount, and more.

You can also make use of the Walmart receipt lookup tool for this too; especially if you’ve lost track of the original copy.

By visiting  Walmart Store Receipt Lookup, you can view, download, or print a copy of your receipt for recent credit and debit card store purchases. This service is incredibly useful if you require an invoice for expenses or returns.

Invoices Using Walmart EDI Services

For companies that process more than 3,500 invoices per year, EDI and AS2 are mandatory. Thankfully, Walmart offers Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services that allow suppliers and retailers to exchange business documents electronically, streamlining their communication processes.

Walmart offers a free web-based solution known as Web EDI, allowing suppliers to receive purchase orders and send invoices without purchasing a dedicated EDI package.

Some of the benefits of using Walmart EDI services include:

  • Improved accuracy in document exchange, reducing the need for manual data entry and associated errors.
  • Faster processing of transactions, minimizing delays, and ensuring that your products are listed correctly both online and in-store.
  • Access to Walmart’s Point of Sale (POS) data allows you to monitor your product sales and identify potential opportunities.

As you can see, EDI implementation enables a seamless exchange of documents like purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notifications. Walmart EDI also includes formats such as Drop Ship Vendor (DSV) and XML data transfer methods to cater to suppliers’ specific needs.

The primary purpose of Walmart’s EDI services is to simplify and speed up transactions between suppliers and the company. By electronically exchanging documents, you can eliminate manual processing and reduce the risk of errors. Moreover, it enables quicker payments by accurately matching purchase orders to invoices.

How to Edit and Submit Invoices From Walmart

You might need to submit or edit invoices for your transactions when dealing with Walmart. This process can be done through their electronic invoicing system.

For submitting invoices, Walmart requires all invoices to be sent via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) through their e-invoicing Portal. This standardized system allows for efficient electronic communication between you and Walmart. If you’re new to EDI, you may need to enroll and contact their retail link service at (479) 273-8888 and select option 2.

To edit your invoices, you should access the Walmart e-Invoicing Portal and make any necessary updates before submitting the invoices. You can follow the Getting Started with EDI Implementation Guide from Walmart, which provides further information on how to format your electronic documents.

It’s a pretty lengthy document, but it breaks down all the details so you know exactly what to do.

Resolving Invoice Submission Problems

Anytime you’re dealing with invoices, whether you’re a supplier or running something simple, you might encounter some invoice-related issues. Here’s how Walmart can help you solve the problem.

One common problem is submitting your invoices. You generally have two options for submitting invoices to Walmart: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and the eInvoicing Portal. Walmart strongly encourages using EDI whenever possible

If you’re unable to use EDI, you can submit your invoices through the eInvoicing Portal. This portal provides a secure and user-friendly platform to upload your invoices directly to Walmart. Keep in mind, however, that any invoices formerly paid by the stores and WebEDI credit memos should also be submitted via the eInvoicing Portal.

Another concern might be Accounts Payable (AP) deductions. These are fines deducted from a supplier’s invoice at the end of each month, thus reducing the total revenue generated by the supplier’s invoices.

Sometimes, you may want to receive early payment for your submitted invoices. Walmart offers the Early Payment Program, allowing suppliers to request early invoice payments at a discount rate. The program is simple to use and can provide funding as soon as 24 hours after your request. Minority suppliers benefit from the lowest rate available automatically.

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