Does Sam’s Club Do Diaper Exchange

Have you ever bought diapers at Sam’s Club, only to realize that you purchased the wrong size? Or were you gifted diapers from someone else who is a club member, but they are too small for your child to wear? What can you do to exchange for another size at the store?

Sam’s Club has a flexible return/exchange policy that allows diapers to be returned or exchanged at the store. Items must be brought by the member who purchased them or with a purchase receipt. When the exchange is complete, the member can pick up the correct size or accept a store credit at the value of the initial item.

Now that we know that exchanges and returns are possible, what do you need to do? Is there anything else that is worth noting before heading to the store?

Exchange for another size

According to the Answer Barn, diapers qualify for exchanges. The exchange can be larger if it is of the same value and quantity. Members will need to speak to Member Services to start the exchange process.

Once Sam’s Club team handles the exchange, members can enter the store and select their replacement. It is important to note that if the diaper box is open, a receipt will be needed, and there is a possibility that it does not qualify for an exchange. If the member wishes to use another brand, it would need to be brought up with an employee to see if there are options.

Return Policy

Sam’s Club’s return policy is flexible if the exchange option does not work for the customer. However, stores limit what can be returned, like the kind of product and how the customer can submit a return. Sam’s Club suggests that if there are any questions, call your local Club and speak to the Member Service Desk during operating hours.

Each item for sale will reflect any details to limits of returns. For example, suppose a customer makes a purchase knowing it likely will be returned for whatever reason. In that case, the store strongly recommends that customers read the return policy limits available on the product page:

  • Unless noted on the product page, most items can be returned at any time.
  • Electronics and major appliances can be returned within 90 days of purchase.
  • Commercial heavy equipment and motorsports can be returned within30 days of purchase.
  • Cell phones can be returned within 14 days of purchase.
  • Gift cards and prepaid cards, tickets, personalized gifts, photos, purchases made through the trading program, and prescriptions cannot be returned.
  • Check with your local store if you are considering returning beer, wine, spirits, automotive tires or batteries, cigarettes and tobacco, eyeglasses, or hearing aids.
    • Each store may have a differing policy and might only grant store credit.

Fortunately, diapers can be returned for cash or credit. The store can complete this if the member can access their purchase history through the app or has a copy of the receipt. In addition, Sam’s Club is generous regarding its returns and will accept open boxes of diapers.

How to initiate a return for diapers

Initiating a return for diapers is easy. First, Sam’s Club suggests that members go to their local store with the product and the purchase receipt to the Member Services department. Once the return is processed, Sam’s Club will issue a refund the same way it was bought (cash or card).

Sam’s Club understands that not all members can easily make it to a club to make a return. This hardship can be because the product is too heavy to carry or requires special handling. Apart from going to the physical stores, members can ship the product back if it is delivered.

Additionally, they can call customer care at (888) 746-7726 to speak to a Member Services Associate to discuss options for extraneous circumstances. In cases where the customer does not have the original receipt, they can find a copy in the Sam’s Club app. Sam’s Club keeps digital records of online orders for up to two and a half years and six months for physical purchases.

Online returns

Returns can be shipped back to the distribution center. Members can begin the process by going online or to the app to their account and looking for the return section. There, members can find their purchase history and the ability to start a return process.

Sam’s Club suggests that members read the product page to confirm how to return the item. Unfortunately, not all items qualify to be returned to stores. However, diapers are not one of those items.

Bulk items – the only way it is a no

Bulk items are more than ten units of the same item purchased simultaneously. If this is the case, bulk purchases cannot be returned unless there is a recall or damage from the manufacturer. For example, suppose the manufacturer damaged the items in the box.

Since the package is sealed, it is impossible to tell if there is an issue until the box is opened. Therefore, when a bulk order is purchased, the customer will likely check the other boxers to ensure no problems with the remaining items. In a case like this, the customer must provide documentation of the damage within 72 hours of purchasing the bulk order.

Sam’s Club requests that members take photos showing the damages within the box as proof that it came that way. So, if one bought ten cases of diapers at the same time and then three weeks later decided they did not need half of them, the store would not accept the return. This policy prevents people from buying more than is required and possibly upselling the product elsewhere.

Exchanges and returns made easy

Sam’s Club works hard to place return and exchange policies to make it easier for shoppers to get what they need. So, not only are diapers a qualified item to return or exchange, the store has made it easy to return at the physical store or online (if purchased through the app). Even better, exchanges are accepted if the box is open, and customers can get another size.

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