Price Difference Between Publix And Walmart

As shoppers, most of us are looking for stores that have the best price. While many claim that Walmart is the most affordable store in their area, others say that Publix is even cheaper. So, what is the price difference between Publix and Walmart? 

On average, Walmart tends to be cheaper than Publix overall. However, these prices can differ depending on the type of product. For example, already prepared food goods can have different price variations between the two stores than produce. 

In this article, we will be explaining the price difference between Publix and Walmart. Here we will be diving into this question and explaining which types of products are cheaper at each store. Let’s get right into it! 

Product Comparisons Between Publix And Walmart

When comparing the two stores the shopping experience matters. However, at the end of the day, much of that comes down to price. Below is an overview of what you can expect from each store when it comes to pricing. These are broken down by categories for easy scanning.


People claim that Publix has better prices when it comes to fresh produce in many places. Though Publix tends only to be slightly less expensive than Walmart when it comes to produce, this money adds up over time. This is especially true if you have many things you need to buy at once. 

However, when it comes to canned, frozen, and packaged goods, Walmart tends to be more price friendly. This is especially true if you get Great Value brand items. Meat and dairy products are also a bit cheaper at Walmart. 


On average, Walmart is the cheaper option for over-the-counter pharmacy products. This is especially true if you stick to buying Walmart’s equate brand. 

You will most likely find a better price for most medications, skin care products, and even beauty products at Walmart. Similarly, dental care products, soaps, and hair care products also tend to be cheaper at Walmart and more expensive at Publix. 

Cleaning Products

Surprisingly, cleaning products are reported slightly cheaper at Publix than at Walmart. This includes cleaning products like cleaning sprays, wipes, and solutions, especially when you plan on buying them in bulk. 

Prepared Foods

Foods that are already prepared tend to be cheaper at Walmart than at Publix. However, Publix tends to have a much wider selection of already prepared foods than Walmart. This means that Publix is more likely to have what you are looking for in this department, even if it is slightly more expensive. These products from Publix are often regarded as being of higher quality. 

Bakery Goods

Already-made bakery goods tend to be cheaper at Walmart than they are at Publix. Many Walmart stores will also have a more extensive selection of cakes, pastries, and fresh bread than Publix stores. This makes Walmart the clear winner in this department. 

Does Walmart Or Publix Have More Sales? 

While Walmart tends to have the best baseline price, Publix tends to have more in-store sales on average. This is especially true when it comes to buy one get one deals, which Publix is somewhat famous for.

So, if you like buying things in bulk, then Publix could be a better and cheaper option. However, the prices will be higher at Publix than at Walmart if you do not participate in these BOGO sales. 

Coupon Options At Walmart And Publix

Publix does tend to have more coupons out there than Walmart. However, like their in-store sales, these coupons require you to purchase one item at full price and get the second free or at a reduced price. For example, you will find many Publix coupons on “buy one box get one free.”

Walmart is not known for these types of coupons or sales, and this is mainly because their prices are low enough to be competitive to begin with. However, you can often find items at a reduced price and coupons for Walmart online. 

Which Store Is Cheaper Without Coupons? 

Walmart is cheaper than Publix without coupons or sales. This means that Walmart tends to be the better choice for those who do not have the time for couponing or do not like participating in buy-one-get-one deals. 

Additionally, Walmart tends to have a much wider variety of off-brand products than Publix. Most household staples will have either a Great Value or Equate version of that product at Walmart, and these products are always cheaper than the name brands. 

Price Matching Between The Two Stores

Though Walmart used to do this in the past, Walmart has stated that they will no longer be including Publix BOGO deals in their price match program. Instead, Walmart has asked shoppers to use their savings catcher program. 

This program involves the shopper scanning or entering their receipt number into the Walmart app. From there, the app will compare the prices of the products purchased with other local deals and sales. If these sales are applied to products purchased, then Walmart will send you a refund for the price difference via a Walmart eGift card. 

While Walmart’s savings catcher program can help you save money, many people complain that the program is time-consuming and difficult to use. As a result, you will likely be better off going to Publix to use their coupons and sales. 

Publix does not do any sort of price matching. This includes no price matching for other grocery stores, pharmacies, or online items. Though this is unfortunate, there is no way you can get around this. This is because the ban on price matching is written into Publix’s policy. 

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