How Many Breaks Does Walmart Give

When you step into the world of retail, work breaks can be an essential part of your daily routine. Energy is everything, and if you’re at a job like Walmart, where being on your feet is a must, then having enough breaks is crucial.

Walmart has a well-structured break policy to ensure employees don’t experience burnout during their work shifts. Depending on the duration of your shift, you may be eligible for different types of breaks throughout the day. For example, if you work a full 8-hour shift, Walmart typically provides an unpaid one-hour lunch break and two paid 15-minute breaks.

It’s important to remember that these breaks can vary according to your location, position, and local labor laws.

Break Types

As with any job, all breaks are not created equal. Some breaks may be paid or unpaid, and some are categorized as rest breaks or meal breaks.

Paid Rest Breaks: Walmart provides employees with paid rest breaks during their shifts. You may be eligible for one or more 15-minute paid breaks depending on your shift length. For example, if you work between two and six hours, you’re allowed a single 15-minute break. However, when working a six to eight-hour shift, you can take a 15-minute paid break after the first half and another after the second half of your shift.

Unpaid Meal Breaks: Walmart also offers unpaid meal breaks for its employees. If you work for a minimum of four hours, you’re entitled to a 30-minute unpaid break source. A one-hour unpaid lunch break is also provided for those working shifts longer than six hours. Your lunch break schedule may vary based on your specific role and the store’s needs.

It’s important to remember that management is not allowed to let you skip any of these unpaid lunch breaks or rest breaks. They are mandatory, and you might find yourself with some disciplinary action applied if you try to miss out on these.

Work Breaks For Part-Time Employees

As a part-time employee at Walmart, you can expect your working hours to be more flexible than those of full-time employees. Generally, part-time employees work shorter shifts and fewer hours per week. Still with that you can expect the same standard breaks. So that includes:

  • 30-minute unpaid meal break
  • Additional 30-minute meal breaks for longer shifts (usually between 8 – 10 hours or more)
  • Two paid 15-minute rest breaks during your shift

Remember that these unpaid meal breaks are a mandatory part of your work schedule, so take advantage of them.

Do The Breaks Differ For Overnight Employees

When working outside of normal hours, the details of break times can get a bit fuzzy.

But yes, even overnight employees get breaks as well. As long as they meet the minimum amount of hours required for a break (6 hours).

Differences With Colorado Laws Work Breaks

In Colorado, Walmart must follow the state’s meal and rest break laws for their employees. According to these regulations, employees are entitled to a 30-minute meal break for every five unpaid work hours. If the nature of the job requires employees to be on duty during their breaks, they should be paid for that time.

For rest breaks, Colorado law mandates that employers must provide a paid 10-minute rest period for every 4 hours of work.

What About Breaks For Younger Employees

Walmart’s break policy differs slightly for those who are under 18.

The big difference is that adults are required to take breaks after 6 hours while those under 18 can take breaks after 5 hours. Those are unpaid lunch breaks.

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