Does Target Accept Expired Formula Checks

After the Food and Drug Administration recalled multiple baby formula brands in February of 2022, you may have collected expired baby formula checks from the summer. There are many expenses while parenting a baby, from feeding and sleeping accessories to age-appropriate toys. Parents are looking to save money every step of the way. Is Target accepting expired baby formula checks, a.k.a. baby formula coupons? 

No, Target is not accepting expired baby formula checks. Each check usually has a life of about two months and will print the expiration date on the front of the check.

So if you purchase baby formula products and want to find out how you can save money with some of the major baby formula companies, continue reading. You may ask which companies offer discounts and where to get them. If you wonder if these baby formula checks are worth collecting and will save you money, read on. 

How do you get baby formula checks?

If you sign up for the Enfamil Family Beginnings Rewards Program, you receive perks, including “coupon checks,” known as formula checks. You can sign up online on the Enfamil website or over the phone at 1-800-BABY123. 

Similac has a similar rewards program called “Similac Strong Moms,” offering enrollees formula checks, known as formula coupons, along with other perks. You can complete your membership sign-up online.

Gerber also has a MyGerber Baby member program offering gifts with purchases over a certain dollar amount. When you sign up, you are asked if you want to receive free baby formula samples if they become available. 

Customer service representatives for Enfamil and Similac explained the formula checks are distributed by an automated system and mailed out periodically with no set schedule. Some are mailed out once or twice a month and can be based on the child’s age. For example, a baby less than six months old might require more formula than a 12-month-old baby who eats solids.

Another way to get formula checks is to ask your pediatrician. Typically, baby formula self-representatives will travel around to pediatric offices leaving behind baby formula samples and coupons.

How much money do you get?

How much money are these baby formula checks for? Some parents report receiving $3 checks, $5 checks, and sometimes two $5 checks. The companies keep track of your check usage, rewarding you with points for spending. Some parents notice a pattern in which checks they spend and receive. 

Are there rules about what you can buy with these checks? A customer service representative said you might use these checks as long as the product’s price exceeds the discount offered on your check. Additionally, you cannot use the check to purchase a sample-size Enfamil product. 

What can you do with expired baby formula coupons?

Target will not honor expired baby formula checks. Over the phone, multiple Target managers stated the checks would bounce, and you would need to go wherever you received the checks for a replacement check.

An Enfamil customer service representative explained a coupon check is run as a check at most major retailers and “paid to the order of” the Enfamil retailer. Some call them baby formula coupons, baby formula vouchers, or baby formula checks.

Enfamil says you can call their customer service line for more checks if yours have expired. If they have them available at that time, they will send them to you. Typically, these checks have a 60-day life on them before they expire. Similac says the same that they will send more checks if they can. 

What other perks can you get with a baby rewards program?

The Similac Rewards Program claims to offer a value of $400+ in “benefits and support.” In addition to baby formula checks, the rewards program says the freebies include parenting nutritional guides and a Shutterfly photo book. You can register for your membership online or over the phone.

You accumulate points in each rewards program as you use the coupons. An Enfamil customer service representative said acquired points could be redeemed for various rewards. Past examples of rewards have been free baby formula, a Barnes & Noble gift card, and free baby bottles.

You accumulate points in each rewards program as you use the coupons, as you purchase the company’s products, and for referring friends. 

An Enfamil customer service representative said acquired points could be redeemed for various rewards. Past examples of rewards have been free baby formula, a Barnes & Noble gift card, and free baby bottles.

MyGerber Baby membership offers a one-year “Calm Premium Subscription” for anyone purchasing something on for $150 or more. 

Besides going to the baby formula companies to save money on your parenting budget, other ideas include using the “Subscribe & Save” feature on Amazon or signing up for a Target baby registry for free perks. If you are interested in saving even more money beyond baby formula, you can look into coupon and cash-back programs like Ibotta,, Rakuten, and Honey. These programs offer discounts and cashback on baby products like diapers, wipes, rash cream, and more.

Throw your expired baby formula checks away

Target will not accept expired baby formula checks. Instead, contact your baby formula company customer service representatives to see if they have new checks available. These vouchers are used like company checks, and they will bounce if they have an expired date. 

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