Can US Costco Membership Be Used In Canada

Costco is one of the stores in many countries worldwide, meaning many people wonder if their memberships are transferrable to other countries. 

It’s especially common for people in the United States to wonder if their Costco memberships are valid in Canada. For one thing, vacationing in Canada is common for U.S. residents, and in some places in the United States, crossing the U.S.-Canadian border is standard practice. 

Costco memberships can be used in Canada as well as other locations worldwide. It’s not transferable.

That means if you have an active membership in any country, your membership is valid at any Costco location worldwide. 

So, whether you’re visiting friends and family, taking a vacation across the border, or just having a Costco near your Canadian workplace but living in the United States, you can use your U.S. membership at any Canadian Costco location. 

Is Costco Cheaper In Canada? 

Yes and no. Some savvy shoppers near the border notice that many stores in both countries have different prices in each location, even when you adjust for the value of different currencies. 

The thing is, prices in each store reflect the cost of goods in that area and the demand for those goods. 

So, while some products might be cheaper in Canada or even only available in Canadian locations, other products will almost always be cheaper in the United States or only available in U.S. stores. 

Pricing this way isn’t unique to Costco, either. Almost all international retailers have different prices and stock for different regions. You might notice price and stock differences between U.S. Costco locations, especially if you move a state or two over and compare. 

That means you can sometimes get a deal going to a Canadian Costco location, but that’s down to what products you’re interested in, how much you watch for sales, and which locations you’re comparing. 

Can I Use My Canadian Costco Card In The United States? 


Like U.S. memberships, your Canadian membership is valid at all Costco locations. If you’re traveling somewhere with a Costco, your membership will work as long as it’s up to date and you have a valid ID to go with the membership. 

Also, depending on your membership level you can still get all the same benefits. This even includes the 2% back on the Executive card as well as the Gold Star membership.

What About Online Orders?

Whether you’re shopping from the US, or are living in Canada, you can make online orders using your US membership card.

Keep in mind that any purchases that occur may incur a foreign transaction fee.

If you are living in the US while placing an online order, be sure you have a valid US address to ship to. That’s a requirement.

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