Sam’s Club Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement weather is a significant concern in most areas of the country at different times throughout the year. Inclement weather is categorized as unpleasant weather, usually cold wind or rain. It can mean everything from floods to snow storms.

Like most major retailers, Sam’s Club has an inclement weather policy for its employees. That policy is in place to keep employees and customers safe. In the event of inclement weather, some of Sam’s Club’s policies might affect the shopping experience of the customers as well as the employees.

In inclement weather, you should always do your best to remain indoors if you can help it. If you are unsafe out on the road, you should prioritize your safety. Sam’s Club has policies in place to protect its employees and customers if the conditions outside are unsafe to travel in.

What to Do if You Can’t Get to Work

Sam’s Club’s employee attendance policy functions on a point system. You have an allotment of five points before you are terminated. You can get up to 4.5 points in a six-month period of time. Points fall off every six months.

Generally, if you no-call no-show, you will get three points against your record. Calling off with notice will put one point on your record. However, in the event of inclement weather, there is some leniency when it comes to having to call off. 

It is up to the discretion of your department head to determine whether or not you will receive a point for your absence. In the event of a snowstorm or a flood that will prevent you from getting to work, members of management will waive the points. However, if you cannot safely get to work, you will generally not be penalized with an attendance point.

Does the Store Ever Close?

Sam’s Club stores do not close under very many circumstances. Even in the event of inclement weather, in most cases, the stores will remain open. It depends upon what is happening with the weather and how severe the conditions are outside.

It is not likely that a Sam’s Club will close its doors for an entire business day, although it is not impossible. In extreme cases, your local Sam’s Club might close. For example, in the event of a snowstorm that causes an official state of emergency, you might expect your Sam’s Club to close its doors. 

Always keep an eye on your local Sam’s Club’s social media pages to keep up to date on whether or not your location will be closed. Employees should always look to their management team for guidance in inclement weather.

Can You Still Pick Up Orders in Inclement Weather?

Ordering your groceries for curbside pickup is a convenient way to shop. You can place an order ahead of time and schedule a time to stop by the store. An employee will bring your order to your car, so you don’t have to set foot in the store. 

It is reasonable to be concerned about not being able to pick up your curbside pickup order in inclement weather. This is an excellent option for individuals on the go and too busy to spend time shopping around. It is also great if you have a hard time being in public for an extended time.

If your area is experiencing extreme weather and your Sam’s Club remains open, you should still be able to pick up your online orders. The convenience of staying in your car and having someone help you get your groceries is a huge benefit to shopping online. If it is raining or snowing, you will still want to be able to do that. 

It is up to your local Sam’s Club to decide whether or not things like curbside pickup will remain available. If you aren’t sure, you can check their social media pages or call the store to see if you can still participate in curbside pickup.

What Precautions Does Sam’s Club Take?

Taking care to prepare appropriately for inclement weather can make all the difference regarding safety. Most retailers have policies in place to ensure the safety of everyone if the weather is unsafe, and Sam’s Club is no exception. 

Sam’s Club makes sure to salt sidewalks if the ground is icy. They will generally have someone on staff to ensure the pavement is safe. Sam’s Club also makes sure that its parking lots are appropriately plowed. Driving with too much snow on the ground is unsafe, and it can be difficult to park your car. Sam’s Club ensures their parking lots are as safe for you as possible.

It is always safest to stay home if you are concerned about being out in inclement weather, but Sam’s Club does its best to ensure you are safe while on its property if you need to stop by and shop for your groceries or household items.


Inclement weather is a concern no matter where you are located. Whether you need to watch out for severe thunderstorms, snowstorms, or floods, you should always take precautions to remain safe if the weather gets bad.

Retailers like Sam’s Club have policies to ensure the safety of all their employees and customers. The last thing anyone wants is for something tragic to happen because the proper policies weren’t in place. 

If you are concerned about your safety, always stay home if possible. However, if you need to get out to gather groceries or household supplies, you can be assured that Sam’s Club is doing everything it can to keep you safe when you visit.

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