Does Walmart Give Employee Discounts

Whenever you work at a large retailer like Walmart, chances are the perks have crossed your mind. You may have even wondered, does Walmart give employee discounts?

Walmart does give employee discounts. The discounts include a 10% discount on certain grocery items and merchandise, an associate discount card, and an exclusive associate discount center with additional offerings.

There’s plenty to love about the cool discount and deals Walmart offers its associate workers. Read on as we get into how these discounts work, eligibility, and some exclusions you should be aware of.

What Kind Of Discounts Do Employees Get At Walmart

Not all discounts are equal, and understanding which ones give the most perks at Walmart is something you’ll need to consider if you plan on working there. Let’s dive into the details of Walmart’s employee discounts and explore some key perks available to you as a Walmart associate.

We will discuss the 10% discount, Walmart Associate Discount Card, and Walmart Associate Discount Center.

10% Discount

First up is the standard 10% discount that all Walmart employees receive. You’re eligible for a 10% discount on fresh fruits, vegetables, and regularly-priced general merchandise in Walmart stores. This discount can be used for in-store and online purchases, making saving on the essentials and treats you want or need more convenient.

You can also take advantage of your employee discount during Black Friday and Thanksgiving sales.

That’s not a bad deal, and it gives you an additional price cut on their already low-priced deals, so it works out nicely. Remember that although Walmart owns other types of stores and brands, such as Sam’s Club, you won’t be able to use this 10% discount there. It’s only available at Walmart stores.

Walmart Associate Discount Card

The Walmart Associate Discount Card is your key to unlocking the 10% discount mentioned above. With this card, you’ll access valuable savings on various products throughout the store. Plus, it simplifies applying your discount at checkout, so you can focus on finding the items that matter to you without worrying about the logistics of redeeming your employee benefits.

Walmart Associate Discount Center

The Walmart Associate Discount Center offers even more fantastic discounts beyond the 10% in-store and online discount. Through this platform, you can access exclusive deals like up to 50% off tickets to zoos and aquariums, up to 40% off movie theater tickets, and savings on new car purchases through the Employee Auto Buying Service.

To use your Walmart employee discount online, you need to access the Walmart Associate Discount Center. Log in or register through OneWalmart to connect your employee discount to your online account and start saving on your purchases.

Discount Eligibility and Availability

As a Walmart employee, you might wonder about the availability and eligibility of discounts you can receive. Worry not; let’s go through some details about Walmart employee discounts.

Family and Friends

In most stores, discounts don’t extend to family members at all; however, Walmart does things differently. The discount can be used, but only if you have family members also working at the store. Unfortunately, the discount won’t be available to friends who Walmart does not employ.

It may seem kind of pointless, but if, for some reason, you’ve left your discount card at home, then you can have a family member use theirs for you and visa versa.

Change in Employment Status

Another cool tidbit to know is that the Walmart employee discount becomes available to you after working at Walmart for at least 90 days. Once you hit this milestone, you’ll receive a Walmart Associate Discount Card, which enables you to enjoy a 10% discount on all qualified in-store and online purchases.

If your employment status changes or you stop working at Walmart, you’ll lose access to the associate discount, and the discount card will be deactivated. Understandably so!

Retired and Long-Term Employees

While employees can’t receive discounts once they leave the company, things are a little different for retired employees. If you’ve retired from Walmart, you can still get your discounts. That’ll require that you’ve worked at least a decade and a half with them in consecutive years.

If you’ve been with Walmart for at least 20 consecutive years, you can keep and use your Associate discount card after you leave.

Restrictions On Walmart Employee Discounts

While it’s a generous discount and easy to earn, it does have its limitations and restrictions around sharing and maintaining it post-employment. Also, you won’t be able to use the discount on certain products like alcohol, tobacco, gift cards, and gas.

Below is a list of additional items that are not generally included in the employee discount:

  • Clearance items
  • Most food items (except for fresh produce)
  • Photo orders
  • Rollback items
  • Price Matches
  • Shipping charges
  • Tires
  • Travel purchases

Also, remember that third-party items you may find in the Walmart Marketplace are not included. Those items would need to be specifically marked as “sold by Walmart” to be eligible for any kind of employee discount.

While grocery items like fresh fruits and vegetables are eligible, most other grocery products aren’t. That includes Great Value products too.

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