How Long Does Walmart Take To Hire

When looking for a job, it is natural to want to move through the hiring process as quickly as possible. Getting hired is always a detailed process with several steps, but the good news is that getting hired at Walmart usually happens pretty quickly. From submitting your application to finding out if you officially got the job, it usually takes two weeks for Walmart to hire a new store employee.

Note that this timeline may take longer if there are scheduling conflicts while you are trying to coordinate with the Walmart employees.

Additionally, this timeline will likely take much longer if you are interviewing for a manager-level or corporate-level position at Walmart. They have to do additional interviews and get more internal sign-off from Human Resources to hire for those positions. 

Steps Involved in the Hiring Process: 

Getting hired at Walmart is a multi-step process with several different parts. Do not expect that you will be able to go into a store one day and ask for a job and think you will be able to start working the next day!

Submitting a resume in step one of getting hired at Walmart starts when you express your interest in working at the store and take the time to fill out the formal application. A formal job application is usually quite standardized and will ask you for basic personal information and details about why you are interested in the job. Be prepared to upload a resume to submit with your formal job application. 

Even if you do not have much job experience to add to your resume, building one to attach to your Walmart application is still important. A resume allows you to showcase your best skills and personality traits in one place, and hiring managers use this as their main reference point when making hiring decisions. 

Filling out the job application may not be the most exciting step in the process, but it is crucial to get it right. Making sure you include the right information and avoid having any typos or errors in the job application is crucial for advancing to the next step. When a Walmart employee reads through the applications, they may pass over your application if there are too many errors. 

The HR reviews application

After someone from the Walmart hiring team reviews your application, they will pick out the applicants that match their job requirements. Usually, they are looking for candidates available to work during the hours they need help and candidates who will be the best fit for the job skills required for the position. 

Attending an interview

If you are considered a good potential candidate to interview, you will receive an email or phone call from someone on the Walmart HR team asking to set up an interview with you. Respond to them promptly and offer several different windows of availability to be as accommodating as possible during this stage of the process. 

The HR representative you speak to should let you know whether your interview will take place in person or if it will be a virtual interview. In recent years there has been a big shift to virtual interviews, so it’s an important question to ask during this stage of the process to ensure you show up in the correct place.

Whether it is a very casual job interview, it is a good idea to dress professionally to put your best foot forward. This will help you to make a strong impression during your interview! 

Getting offered the job

The next step is the most exciting in the process: finding out if you got the job! Sometimes the Walmart employee will tell you at the end of the job interview if they will extend you a job offer, but you may not always find out during the interview. 

Sometimes the Walmart employee may have to interview several other people before deciding which candidates will move forward. In this scenario, you may find out if you got the job a few days later. Once you are extended a job offer, you typically are given a short window of time to accept the offer. 

Once you have accepted the job offer, Walmart’s HR department will send you additional paperwork to fill out and talk to you about the next steps in their job process. To work at Walmart, all employees must pass a background check and a drug test before starting the job.

Usually, you will have a few days to work through those pre-employment job requirements, and then your new manager will be in touch to talk about your working schedule. 

Job Training 

The last step in Walmart’s job hiring process is undergoing official company training before starting your role. Most companies have their own version of job training as a way to familiarize new employees with the company. It will allow you to learn more about Walmart’s history, current brand values, and any working policies you need to know. 

Depending on your type of role, you may have additional job training related to your position. Your manager should spend additional time with you to ensure you can start performing your job functions. After this, you’ll be ready to work your first shift as a Walmart employee!

Is there a way to expedite the job hiring process?

All of the steps outlined are necessary to get hired at Walmart, and you will have to go through them to get a job there. However, the job hiring process might be expedited if you have worked at Walmart previously and they have some of your personal information already on file or if you have already completed their job training in the past. 

As a new employee to the brand, the only way to expedite the job process is to be as responsive as possible on your side of things and get back to Walmart quickly when they reach out about scheduling interviews or needing paperwork from you. The faster you turn everything around, the quicker they will be able to get you in the store working. 

Is there an optimal time of year to get hired? 

There is an optimal time of year to apply at Walmart to increase your chances of getting hired. As with most major retailers, Walmart makes a large majority of its sales during the last fiscal quarter of the year, which takes place from October to December. 

Their store locations are much busier during this time of year and may double or triple their workforce to keep up with the store needs. It is much easier to get hired during this time of year because it’s almost guaranteed that your local store will be hiring and that they will need extra help. 

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