Does Walmart Have A Notary – Here’s What You Should Know!

I wondered if Walmart had notary services when I needed to find a notary for legal documents. I’ve always appreciated the convenience of Walmart for shopping, and having a notary service there would be the cherry on top. In my search for information, I discovered that the availability of notary services at Walmart can vary depending on several factors.

It turns out that some Walmart locations do offer notary services, often during regular business hours. However, it’s essential to know that not all stores have this service, and state laws can influence their availability.

I found this information helpful as I navigated through finding a notary in my local area. Read on as we dive into some of your options for getting documents notarized at Walmart. I’ll also share some alternatives that have worked well for me, including mobile notary services!

Let’s get into it.

Walmart and Notary Services

Regarding notary services, the availability at Walmart stores can be quite confusing. Some locations do provide notary services, while others don’t, and it largely depends on state laws and specific store policies. Let me share my findings on this topic.

Using Local Notary Businesses Within Larger Walmart Stores

I discovered that Walmart does not directly provide notarial services to its customers. However, there’s a silver lining: banks and credit unions in some larger Walmart stores that can notarize documents for you!

Bear in mind that the prices for notary services may vary depending on the financial institutions and state-imposed maximum fees. However, that’s welcome news because of the convenience of having that and household items and groceries all in one location.

Even though Walmart offers notary services through banks and credit unions at select stores, keep in mind that these services are typically only available during regular business hours. So, it’s important to plan your visit accordingly. You can’t just get something notarized at 11 pm just because Walmart is 24 hours and etc.

To find notary services in your area at different Walmart stores, or other nearby locations, you can also use resources such as the National Notary Association website, which provides a directory for locating notaries in your area.

My advice is to call the Walmart store you plan to visit and inquire about the availability of notary services. Be sure to ask about any fees or specific requirements, as these may differ from one location to another.

Alternative Places to Find a Notary

When you need a notary, and Walmart is not an option, don’t worry; other alternatives are available. In this section, I’ll explore various places where you can find a notary to help complete your important documents.

Banks and Credit Unions

Banks and credit unions are among the most common places people turn to for notary services. Many financial institutions have notaries on staff, so if you’re a customer or member, you can access these services for free or at a reduced cost.

Just keep in mind that even the smallest of banks can be busy, and getting something notarized there isn’t going to be quick. I recall a few instances where I had to wait nearly 2 hours to meet with someone just get a document stamped, faxed, and approved.

UPS Stores

UPS Stores also offer notary services, making it a convenient option, especially if you’re already there to ship or receive packages. Be sure to call your local UPS store beforehand to confirm if their notary is available when you plan to visit. They can even take care of the faxing for you.

AAA Locations

If you’re a AAA member, you’re in luck! Many AAA offices provide notary services to their members, often free. Check with your local AAA location to see if they have a notary on-site and their specific requirements.

Independent Notary Professionals

Independent notary professionals can be found in your area using online directories like and These professionals usually charge a small fee and may have more flexible hours than other options. So this could be the perfect option if you need a notary outside of regular business hours!

Remote Online Notarization

Technology has enabled access to notary services from the comfort of your home through remote online notarization platforms such as Notarize. Platforms like these allow you to virtually connect with a notary, making the process more convenient and accessible for everyone involved. Keep in mind there’s usually a fee for this service.

Mobile Notaries

Lastly, mobile notaries are an excellent option for those who need a notary to come to them. Mobile notaries will travel to your location to notarize your documents, though they typically charge a higher fee due to the added convenience.

This can be a fantastic option if you cannot travel or need a notary outside normal business hours. It’s also great for those last minute documents you need taken care of when you’re in a crunch!

The Final Takeaway

So here’s what I found after researching Walmart’s notary services. Some Walmart locations do offer notary services, but it’s important to remember that the availability can vary greatly depending on the specific store and state laws. This means that you may find notary services at one Walmart location but not at another.

Furthermore, it’s essential to know that Walmart’s notary services are typically only available during regular business hours. So if you need to get a document notarized at a Walmart location, plan your visit accordingly.

Although Walmart doesn’t have notary services at all of its locations, some larger stores may have banks and credit unions that can notarize documents. The best practice is to call your local Walmart before inquiring if they offer notary services.

If you find that your local Walmart doesn’t offer notary services, don’t panic! There are many other places where you can get your documents notarized. For example, you can check out the National Notary Association’s Find a Notary Public tool to locate notaries in your area.

So, even though Walmart might not always be the most reliable option for notary services, it’s worth checking out if you’re already planning a trip there. Just remember to call ahead and check availability before making the trip. I hope this information proves helpful to you in your search for notary services!

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