Does Walmart Pharmacy Deliver – Here’s How It Works

If you’re a Walmart customer, you might wonder whether their pharmacy offers delivery services.

Thankfully, Walmart Pharmacy offers prescription medication delivery, making it an attractive option for many people looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to manage their prescriptions.

This means you don’t need to walk into any store for this; much of it can be managed using the Walmart app. This service is particularly beneficial for patients who are prescribed maintenance medications, receive 90-day supplies of a prescription, or are uninsured.

Let’s dive into the delivery process, costs, and potential advantages of using Walmart Pharmacy for your prescription needs.

How Walmart Pharmacy Home Delivery Works

The delivery service can come in really handy when you simply don’t want to go into the store every time you need a refill on your prescriptions. Here’s what you can expect regarding payments, shipping, and delivery times.

Prescription Ordering and Payment

Sign up for Walmart Mail Order Pharmacy to get your prescriptions delivered by completing the new member form. Be aware, you’ll need a new form for each patient. Your doctor can e-Prescribe, fax, or mail your prescriptions to Walmart Mail Order Pharmacy.

Once your information is in their system, you can easily order refills using the Walmart app.

For payment, Walmart Pharmacy typically accepts major credit cards, and the delivery fee for your medication will be added to your final price. You can also use Walmart Pay, but remember they don’t take some other payment systems like Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Shipping Options and Standard Shipping

Walmart Pharmacy offers a few different shipping options to suit your needs. Under standard shipping, just place your order by 11 pm, and your meds will be delivered between 8 am and 11 pm the next business day. Most prescriptions can arrive at your door within one hour!

Same-Day Delivery

Through a partnership with DoorDash, Walmart Pharmacy also provides same-day delivery for select prescription drugs, such as insulin. The delivery fee is usually around $10 and is not included in your final medication price calculation.

To take advantage of this service, simply order your prescription and choose same-day delivery as your shipping option.

Insurance and Financial Considerations

When considering Walmart Pharmacy’s delivery services, it’s important to understand the insurance and financial aspects involved. If you have insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, these can affect the cost of your prescriptions and the delivery service itself.

Insurance generally covers the cost of your prescription medications at Walmart Pharmacy. Most insurance companies will also cover the cost of vaccinations if you choose to get them at a Walmart location. However, you should check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage, as individual plans vary.

For those enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid, reviewing your plan details is crucial to ensure that prescription coverage is included. Walmart Pharmacy is known for offering low-cost generics, which can be especially beneficial for individuals with limited budgets or those on Medicare and Medicaid plans.

Pharmacy benefits will vary depending on your specific plan, so be sure to review your policy information and consult with your healthcare provider to make informed decisions.

Walmart Pharmacy offers free regular delivery for prescription drugs. This can be a significant cost-saving benefit for anyone using insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. However, it’s essential to take note of the additional charges for expedited delivery services.

If you need your medication sooner, there is a $8 flat rate for 2-day shipping or $15 for next-day shipping.

Delivery Partnerships and Membership Programs

Walmart Pharmacy has been working on making prescription delivery more accessible and convenient for you. They’ve partnered with Capital Rx to offer affordable prescription medications delivered right to your home. You just need to reach out to your prescriber to get started with this service.

Sam’s Club, a Walmart subsidiary, has partnered with DoorDash for prescription delivery. You can now call more than 500 Sam’s Club pharmacies to schedule a same-day delivery service for your medications, making it even more convenient for you to receive your prescriptions without leaving your home.

Besides these partnerships, Walmart offers a Mail Order Pharmacy service, providing prescription delivery directly to your home or office. This convenience saves you time and makes managing your medications more straightforward.

While using these services, it’s essential to be aware of membership programs that can benefit you. For instance, Sam’s Club pharmacies might require a membership with the Sam’s Club program for you to take advantage of their partnership with DoorDash for prescription deliveries.

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