Does Walmart Make Wedding Cakes

When planning a wedding, one of the essential aspects to consider is the wedding cake. While many couples opt for cakes from specialty bakeries, a surprising and affordable option may be found in a place you might not expect – Walmart.

That’s right, the well-known retail giant offers groceries, clothing, and electronics and creates wedding cakes for those looking to save on their big day without compromising taste and design.

Walmart’s bakery is known for providing various custom-made cakes, including wedding cakes crafted according to the couple’s specifications. With their range of flavors, sizes, and designs, Walmart’s wedding cakes cater to different tastes and budgets.

Prices are quite competitive, with small cakes starting at $60, and larger, more elaborate creations can go up to $140.

As ordering a Walmart wedding cake is straightforward, couples can focus more on other aspects of their special day. Lets dive into some of Walmarts bakery offerings, what kind of customizations you can make to your wedding cake, and much more.

Exploring Walmart’s Bakery Offerings

Walmart’s bakery department is known for providing exceptional value and quality products for its customers. Let us look at their offerings, including everyday cakes, customizable cake options, and special occasion cakes.

Everyday Cakes

Walmart offers a variety of ready-made cakes to choose from. These cakes cater to everyday cravings, casual gatherings, or last-minute celebrations. Some popular cake flavors available at Walmart include white, chocolate, yellow, and marble. Customers can pick up these delicious cakes at their local Walmart bakery and enjoy their favorite flavors anytime.

Customizable Cake Options

Looking for something unique? Walmart bakery provides various customizable cakes and cupcakes for various occasions.

Their customization options include sheet cakes ranging from $10.98 to $58.76 and round cakes priced between $9.98 and $27.98. In addition to selecting the flavor and size, customers can choose from different fillings, icing types, and colors to create a cake tailored to their preferences.

Walmart offers two online filling choices for sheet cakes: Bavarian cream and strawberry. For icing, customers can choose between traditional buttercream and whipped icing in various colors, making it easy to design a cake that matches the theme of any celebration.

Special Occasion Cakes

Walmart specializes in providing affordable wedding cakes and other special occasion cakes designed to suit the specific needs of their customers. These cakes can be ordered conveniently online or in-store, with prices starting as low as $60 for a small wedding cake and reaching up to $140 for a large, custom-designed cake.

Can You Find Wedding Cakes at Walmart?

The answer is yes! Walmart provides a variety of wedding cakes to suit your needs and preferences.

Walmart has a flexible selection of cake styles and flavors catering to different wedding types. With a wide range of decorative options and sizes to choose from, you can have a fully customizable cake at a reasonable price.

Keep in mind, some Walmart locations may not be capable of creating wedding cakes if they have a smaller-than-average bakery department. In such cases, it’s recommended to call or visit your local Walmart bakery department to inquire about their ability to make your desired wedding cake.

Like most grocers, Walmart usually does not offer delivery and setup services as part of their wedding cake offerings. You’ll need a third party service or vendor to do that for you. Ideally, choose someone you trust to pick up the cake on the day of the wedding and transport it to the venue. 

Planning ahead and considering the logistics of getting the cake to your venue without mishaps is crucial.

Additionally, you should speak with a Walmart baker directly to discuss the details of your wedding cake, as they require more time and preparation than ordinary cakes. Walmart cake prices for 3-tier cakes start at around $140, while smaller options cost about $58 apiece.

Affordable Alternatives for Wedding Cakes

Finding the perfect wedding cake that is both beautiful and budget-friendly can be a challenge. Luckily, some affordable alternatives exist for couples seeking elegant confections without breaking the bank. Walmart is a surprisingly delightful option for those who want quality cakes at accessible prices.

Tiered Cakes

Walmart offers tiered wedding cakes that won’t drain your wallet. A two-tiered cake serves around 64 guests and typically starts at $68, with customization options slightly increasing the price.

If you prefer a larger, three-tiered cake, it could cost approximately $140 – this is a steal compared to the United States average wedding cake expense of $350. These elegant confections are amazing options for couples looking to save without compromising on visual impact.

Cupcake Towers

Consider Walmart’s fully customizable cupcakes if you’re searching for a fun and interactive alternative to traditional wedding cakes. Create a stunning cupcake tower with various flavors and designs for your guests.

You can also mix and match to suit different dietary preferences, catering to all your loved ones. The price per cupcake is very affordable, and you can calculate the total cost based on your guest count. Customization options can be found on Walmart’s website.

Decorative Sheet Cakes

Walmart also excels in providing decorative sheet cakes for your big day. Opt for a 12-serving custom sheet cake starting at about $10 or a larger 24-serving custom sheet cake for under $20. Design a gorgeous cake that reflects your wedding theme and color scheme.

This affordable cake option provides taste and artistry at an incredible value.

Ordering and Picking Up Your Walmart Cake

Below is a breakdown of how simple it is to order your cake, set up a pickup or delivery time, and how to put that all into motion.

Online and In-Store Ordering

Ordering a wedding cake from Walmart is both convenient and simple. You can place your order online or visit your local Walmart Bakery in person. The great thing about Walmart’s cake selection is that they offer a variety of flavors, sizes, and designs to suit your preferences and budget.

Pickup and Delivery Options

Once you’ve customized and placed your order, you can pick it up from your local Walmart Bakery. While Walmart does not currently offer delivery for their custom cakes, the pickup process is seamless. You’ll find your beautifully designed cake waiting for you when you arrive.

Check the pickup details and times provided by Walmart during the ordering process.

Estimated Preparation Time

Walmart understands the importance of punctuality, especially for special events like weddings. The estimated preparation time for your order depends on the complexity and size of your cake.

While turnaround times can vary, you’ll generally find that Walmart cakes are prepared in a timely manner, ensuring that your wedding day goes off without a hitch.

With Walmart’s easy ordering process and reliable preparation times, you can rest assured that your special day will be made even more memorable with a scrumptious cake tailored to your needs and preferences.

Tips and Ideas for Personalizing Your Walmart Cake

Although Walmart offers a range of design options for wedding cakes, you can still make the cake uniquely yours by incorporating personal touches. In this section, we’ll explore some ideas on personalizing your Walmart cake, featuring three sub-sections: Add Your Wedding Theme, Use Cake Toppers, and Incorporate Additional Decorations.

Add Your Wedding Theme

Consider integrating your wedding theme colors and elements into your cake design. You can discuss your vision with the Walmart bakery team, who can suggest the best ways to incorporate your theme, such as using colored icing or designing patterns related to your theme on the cake.

Remember to include your preferred cake flavor, which can also match the theme or be a special surprise for your guests.

Use Cake Toppers

A creative, meaningful cake topper will make your Walmart cake truly stand out. Various cake toppers are available, from traditional bride and groom figurines to custom options such as monograms, symbols, or something that captures your hobbies and interests. You can search for unique toppers online or even create your own by following DIY tutorials.

Incorporate Additional Decorations

Beyond using themed colors and cake toppers, there are other ways to embellish your Walmart wedding cake. One popular idea is to add fresh flowers that complement the style and color scheme of your wedding. If flowers aren’t your style, you can use decorative elements like ribbons, edible glitter, or sugar sculptures.

If you want to take a more hands-on approach, you can pick up your cake in advance and decorate it yourself using supplies from the Walmart crafts section. Just remember to plan accordingly to avoid any last-minute stress related to cake decorating on your big day.

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