Can You Go Barefoot In Walmart – Here’s What’s Allowed

Depending on your situation, you may not have shoes to shop in Walmart. Perhaps you are down on your luck and cannot afford a pair of shoes. Maybe your flip-flops broke in the car. Before you step foot – no pun intended – in Walmart with no shoes, ask yourself: Can you go barefoot in Walmart?

It’s not recommended to go barefoot in Walmart, however, there are no strict rules against it. Depending on your store’s location, there could be store-specific rules against being barefoot, or you can be putting yourself at risk.

Legal acts do not mean that they are smart acts, as we’ll cover in this article. Much of what applies in most stores will apply to Walmart as well when it comes to this. Keep reading to learn more!

Can You Go Barefoot In Stores

Yes, you can go to stores barefoot. 

Technically speaking, you can enter stores barefoot and shop.

Compared to other things, such as not wearing a shirt, being without shoes isn’t as noticeable to employees or other customers. 

As long as you aren’t drawing attention to yourself in the store, no one may notice that you are barefoot. Another customer who notices may give you a strange look and go on with their day.

Is It Legal To Walk Around Barefoot

It is legal to walk around barefoot.

As often as you’re told you can’t go into stores without shoes on, you might think it is not allowed to be barefoot in public.

There is, in fact, no law that says that you must wear shoes when you enter public places. Very few local laws also state that you must wear shoes in public.

These rules come from store policy, not law. In other words, you cannot get arrested for simply walking into a store without shoes on. 

Why Is Being Barefoot In Stores Not Allowed

Being barefoot in stores isn’t allowed simply because it is a store policy.

You aren’t banned from being in stores while barefoot because it is a law; rather, it is normally because it is a store policy.

Each store you enter may have its policy, which may include needing shoes and even a shirt to shop. 

Stores can’t immediately call the police because you are not wearing shoes if it is against store policy. That will only happen if:

  • You become belligerent with employees
  • You refuse to leave the store when asked to
  • You threaten another employee or customer

Remember, stores are private property and can carry their own policies as long as they are not discriminatory against certain people. 

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go In Stores Barefoot

Stores may restrict your service if you do not have shoes, but let’s cover why you should avoid being barefoot in stores.

You Can Hurt Your Feet

You never know what you will come across in stores, so you can get your feet hurt.

You may step on glass from a broken cup or walk through an area where a carton of eggs was smashed.

Stores are public places, so there can be almost anything on the ground!

You Can Get Fungus Or Infections

Again, stores are public places, meaning you may get a fungus or infection from where you are walking.

There are tons of germs in stores. I would compare it to going into a shower in a locker room without flip-flops on. So many people avoid doing that, so why would you do that in a place like Walmart?

You May Get Your Foot Stepped On

Other people in Walmart may not notice that you do not have shoes on and step on you.

It’s happened to us all: Someone is shuffling by you in the store and accidentally steps on your toe. 

It usually isn’t an issue – maybe just a nuisance – but it’ll hurt if you don’t have any shoes on!

There May Not Be Protection If You Get Hurt

Let’s say you go get hurt. If you think either personal or store insurance will cover you, that may not be the case.

You’ll have to look into your insurance documents, but it could be that your insurance will claim that you put yourself at risk without putting shoes on. 

You May Expose Your Feet To Elements

If you’re in Walmart barefoot, there are chances you are outside without shoes, either.

If it is hot, you may burn your feet on the pavement and in the parking lot.

In the winter, you may expose your feet to snow, sleet, or slush.

3 Ways To Shop Without Shoes

There are ways that you can shop without shoes where you are not completely barefoot.

Wear Socks

If nothing else, I would recommend that you wear socks at the very least.

Socks will not give you as much protection as some types of shoes, but you will at least have some protection against germs and the elements.

Tape Together Broken Shoes

Your shoes may have broken. Almost every woman has dealt with a pair of broken flip-flops!

Try to take together or fix your broken shoes before going into Walmart.

Your shoes do not need to last. Most Walmart stores sell shoes so that you can purchase a cheap pair.

Use Plastic Bags

You can also use plastic bags from the store.

This may sound ridiculous, but people have used plastic bags to keep shoes – even feet – dry during wet times.

It isn’t the best option, but it can get you through in a pinch.

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