How Many Points Can You Get At Walmart – Attendance, Late Policy & More!

Walmart, one of the largest retail corporations, has implemented a point system to monitor and manage employee attendance. This system is designed to ensure a consistent and fair approach to addressing infractions related to attendance, punctuality, and the overall commitment of the workforce.

With this system in place, employees are allowed a specific number of points before facing potential consequences such as termination. Understanding the nuances of Walmart’s point system is crucial for employees and those considering joining the company, as it directly affects their job security and overall work experience.

The Walmart point system works in six-month periods, and during this time, employees can accumulate up to five points before facing termination. Points are given for infractions, such as missing a work shift or leaving early without proper notification. As employees navigate their roles within the company, being mindful of these attendance policies can help them succeed and maintain a favorable standing.

Walmart Points System Overview

Walmart, a leading retail chain in the US, employs a points-based attendance policy for its hourly workers. The points system focuses on attendance, unexpected absences, and other occurrences to ensure a disciplined working environment.

Attendance Policy

The attendance policy at Walmart is designed to hold employees accountable for their work schedules while providing flexibility in cases of genuine emergencies. Hourly workers who leave a shift early, miss work, or are consistently tardy may accumulate points, ultimately leading to termination if the threshold is exceeded.

Employee Point System

Walmart associates are allotted 5 No-Call No-Show (NCNS) points within 6 months. If an employee receives more than 5 NCNS points, termination is possible. Some managers may decide to take action before an employee reaches a full 5 NCNS points. The points are reset every six months, allowing employees to start afresh on their attendance records.

Occurrences and Absences

Unexpected absences and other occurrences are monitored under Walmart’s attendance policy. Missing a work shift amounts to one point, and other employment infractions can also earn an employee additional points.

Missing work during holidays, for instance, can result in a fine of one to three points. Other examples of infractions include leaving a shift early, which can result in a loss of half a point.

To better illustrate the points system violations and their corresponding points, the table below highlights various occurrences and the points attributed to each:

Missing a work shift1
Leaving a shift early0.5
Missing work on holidays1 to 3

Walmart’s points system aims to incentivize punctuality and attendance, encouraging hourly workers to respect their work schedules and contribute to a healthy work environment.

Attendance and PTO Management

Managing attendance and paid time off (PTO) effectively is crucial for Walmart employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance and avoid potential job loss due to excessive absenteeism.

Clock In and Out

Walmart employees are expected to clock in and out to track their attendance accurately. Timeliness is essential; coming in late or leaving early can add points to an employee’s attendance record. Associates can be terminated for reaching 5 points.

However, much of that depends on store management, and the 5 points only mean you’re eligible for it. In fact, there are many instances where an associate may have more than 5 points. However, circumstances such as relationships with the management, short-staffing, and more may contribute to them still being employed.


Walmart offers paid time off (PTO) for its employees, which allows them to take time off from work for vacation, personal reasons, or when they need to call in sick. Employees also have access to Protected PTO (PPTO), which can be used for unexpected absences, such as an illness or emergency.

Using PPTO can help prevent points from being added to an employee’s attendance record. The cash-out and carryover systems for PTO are different for hourly and salaried associates, so employees are encouraged to review their PTO fact sheets to understand how it works for them.

Healthcare professionals at Walmart, such as pharmacists and nurse practitioners, have their PTO allocations based on biweekly hours or annual days, depending on their position and schedule.

GTA Portal

Employees can track their attendance and PTO balance using Walmart’s Global Time & Attendance Portal (GTAP) through This portal provides a convenient method for monitoring PTO accruals, usage, and other important attendance-related details.

Regularly checking the GTAP can help employees avoid issues with their attendance records by staying informed about their PTO balances and attendance points.

Absence Reporting and Termination

The Walmart point system tracks employees’ attendance and determines when disciplinary actions or termination may be necessary. Understanding the absence policy, lateness, and termination procedures is essential for both employees and managers.

Absence Policy

Employees at Walmart are expected to report their absences promptly. According to their point system, one point is added to the employee’s record for an absence with proper notice. Not notifying management about the absence results in an additional two points, for a total of three points.

Leaving a shift early can also lead to half a point, and missing work during the holidays may result in one to three points being added to the employee’s record.

Lateness and Termination Procedure

Lateness is also tracked within the Walmart point system. The company allows up to five unexcused absences within six months before potential termination. Walmart may choose to terminate employment for fewer than five absences if the situation warrants it – for example, if the individual has earned at least five points due to a combination of unexcused absences and lateness.

Six-Month Period

As mentioned earlier, the Walmart point system operates on a rolling six-month period. This means that points accrued for absences and lateness are evaluated within a six-month time frame, and employees have the opportunity to improve their attendance record and avoid termination by managing their points within this period.

Once an employee reaches six points within 12 months, they may be subject to disciplinary action, ranging from a warning to termination.

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