Does Walmart Sell Sushi – Available Options & Pricing

If you’re like me and enjoy your fair share of sushi, then you know how much quality matters. Good sushi is tender and flavorful. It’s widely available everywhere, but you might be wondering if you can pick it up at a place like Walmart and still get that same level of taste. So, does Walmart sell sushi?

Yes, Walmart does sell sushi. You can find ready-to-eat sushi options in the deli section of Walmart, with some stores offering fresh and frozen varieties.

With the availability of sushi at Walmart becoming more common, you no longer need to visit a specialty store or restaurant to satisfy your sushi cravings. Walmart offers a variety of sushi rolls to choose from, and with different price points, you’re sure to find a sushi option that fits both your taste and your budget.

Brands And Quality Of Sushi At Walmart

When you’re shopping at Walmart for sushi, you’ll find that they offer a variety of brands. One that I enjoy is the Moji Sushi brand. And, while I don’t expect the sushi to be restaurant quality, the sushi quality at Walmart is quite good, considering it is a supermarket option.

The ingredients are fresh, and the price wise it’s really affordable. For under $6, you can get a pack of 8 pieces, which adds up to around 6 ounces of sushi.

While it may not compete with more specialized sushi establishments, Walmart sushi is safe to eat and made with care.

Types of Sushi Available

Their sushi selection includes everyday items such as California rolls, spicy crab rolls, and even California cream cheese rolls. You can enjoy these sushi rolls along with their provided accompaniments, such as wasabi, pickled ginger, and soy sauce.

However, keep in mind that the types of sushi available at your local Walmart might vary depending on the location. Suppose you’re looking for something more specific, like nigiri or sashimi. In that case, you should check out a sushi-specific restaurant or a grocery store with a more extensive seafood section.

Cost Comparison

As I mentioned, the the cost of sushi at Walmart is quite affordable compared to other retailers or sushi restaurants. For example you could expect to pay $5 – $8 on average for just three sushi rolls from a local reastaurant. Now compare that to $6 for as many as 8 pieces at Walmart; clearly a better deal.

When comparing Walmart to other grocery stores like Whole Foods, their sushi prices are generally lower.

What’s Included With Walmart’s Sushi Trays?

Typically found in the refrigerated section near the tofu and other Asian foods, Walmart sushi trays come pre-packaged with brightly colored labels.

The sushi variety most commonly found at Walmart is the California roll. This roll type includes cooked or imitation crab, avocado, and cucumber.

In most trays however, don’t expect to find condiments or other flavorings outside of whats already mixed into your sushi rolls. You’ll need to grab some soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger to enhance your sushi trays. These items are usually available near the sushi trays to make your shopping experience even more convenient.

Publix does something similar, where the trays are available, and the curated flavorings are nearby for a small fee.

Outside of the ingredients, the trays should have precise expiration dates to help you make the best choice. Sushi tends to go quick, so you’ll want to grab the freshest trays earlier in the day if you can.

Pickup and Delivery Options

Consider using Walmart’s pickup and delivery service to make things convenient for you. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit Walmart’s website or the Walmart app to browse available sushi options.
  2. Choose your preferred sushi rolls and add them to your cart.
  3. Select a timeslot for either pickup or delivery.
  4. Checkout and pay online.
  5. Wait for a store associate to gather and package your ordered items for pickup or delivery.

For busy days when you don’t have time to visit the store in person, you can even have Walmart sushi delivered to your doorstep through Instacart. As a bonus, your first delivery order might be eligible for free delivery, depending on your location and available promotions.

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