What Time Does Walmart Customer Service Close

Planning a visit to Walmart and wondering when their customer service desk closes? While it may vary by location, most Walmart customer service desks are open until 10 PM.

Thats important information to know, especially because the customer service desk is where you can take care of returns, exchanges, complaints, and anything else you need help with at Walmart.

The exact schedule may differ depending on your local store. Some Walmart stores may close their desks early due to demand. To avoid any inconvenience or confusion, it’s always a good idea to check the hours of your nearest Walmart store before heading out.

Days of the Week

Walmart customer service hours generally operate across all days of the week, with most stores providing support from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Monday through Sunday.

However, some local stores may have slightly different hours, especially on Sundays, where the closing time could be as early as 6:00 p.m.

24 Hour Stores

Unfortunately, despite some false social media claims that went viral, Walmart has no plans to return to 24-hour stores. How about that?

In this case, you can expect the customer service center to maintain its normal operating hours.

Customer Service Options

When you’re looking for assistance at Walmart, several options are available.

In-Store Service Desk

The customer service desk at Walmart is typically open from 8 AM to 10 PM, but hours can vary between locations. Here, Walmart associates are available to help you with inquiries, returns, and other issues.

It’s always helpful to have an in-person option with someone you can talk with face to face. There’s no phone line to hold on for, or delays with sending documents. Anything you need can get done right then and there with ease.

The only knock I have on the in-store option is there’s usually not enough staff working the desk at any given time. So, its common to see long lines at Walmart Customer service areas, and sometimes this persists throughout the day.

Walmart App Chat

While not as hands-on as the in-store option, The Walmart App does have a nice chat feature to handle most customer serivce issues. This includes things like receipt lookup, a problem with an order, refunds, and other things.

I liek that it allows you to connect with an online customer service team member and ask questions or report issues without having to wait in a long line in-store. Its perfect for an on-the-go type of experience and if you just don’t want to bothered with going in.

For more sensitive issues or something that you need higher-level help with, I’d still recommend going in the store.

Customer Service Hotline

If you prefer to speak with a Walmart associate directly without going into the store, you can reach their customer service hotline by calling 1-800-WALMART. Their team is available to address any concerns or help you find information, saving you time and effort in resolving your Walmart-related concerns.

Holidays and Special Hours For Customer Service

Walmart locations might have different customer service desk hours during holidays, such as Thanksgiving.

And of course, in the height of shopping season, its not uncommon to find the customer service center open earlier and stay open longer to assist with that demand.

Even the phone lines will be a bit busier than usual. So I recommend the chat feature too which may have a wait also, but won’t be nearly as tough to deal with.

Accessibility Services

For shoppers with accessibility needs, keep in mind that Walmart stores offer services to assist you. If you need additional support, don’t hesitate to contact their Customer Service team at 1-800-WALMART (1-800-925-6278).

For online orders and other inquiries, you can easily access Walmart’s customer support through their website and contact information provided here.

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