Can Stores Reprint Receipts

It seems almost impossible to keep up with all the receipts we get every day. Sometimes important receipts get lost in the shuffle, and we’re left without proof of purchase.

Stores can reprint receipts at your request, but you’ll need the correct information. 

Instead of searching through trash bins and glove compartments, keep reading for more insight on reprinting a receipt. 

The Importance of Receipts

A receipt is an essential piece of information for both customers and stores. It provides proof of each and every purchase made. All vendors must issue a physical or digital receipt to abide by the US Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act.

Therefore, most stores keep a database for all items purchased based on day, time, and transaction number. If you lost or did not receive a receipt, most stores like Walmart and Target can reprint receipts at your request. 

How to Get a Receipt Reprinted

The best way to get your receipt reprinted is to go back to the initial purchase location. Most customer service desks can help you reprint your receipt. If you don’t want to return to the store, you can look for help online. Many stores, like Walmart, have an online receipt portal. Here, you can enter the location and purchase details. If your information is correct, your receipt will be made available online. 

Purchase Details

Here is some information you’ll need to have ready if you want a store to reprint a receipt. 

  • Purchase Date – Try to know the exact date of purchase. Customer service must know the date the purchase was made to find the correct transaction. 
  • Type of Card – When you retrieve your reprinted receipt, save yourself some time and make sure you have the card you used for the original purchase. The store will ask for the type of card (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) and the last four digits of the card you used for the purchase. 
  • Receipt Total – It may be difficult to remember the exact total of your purchase, but you may need it to verify the transaction, which is required for online receipt lookup portals. 

These are the basic requirements for a store to reprint receipts. If you do not have one of the items listed above, you can estimate or use another tool, like a bank statement, to find the date, time, and purchase total. 

Cash Purchases

Some stores cannot reprint receipts if you made a cash purchase. You can work with the customer service department to look up your receipt. In this case, you will have to be very specific. Although knowing the exact purchase details with a receipt may be easier, some things may help a customer service representative reprint your receipt. 

  • Exact Date – Determine the exact date you made the purchase
  • Approximate Time – Customer service will need to know the approximate time you purchased to narrow down transaction results. 
  • Register Number – Try to remember the exact register location where you checked out or even the clerk’s name that originally checked you out. 

If you make cash purchases frequently, consider keeping your receipts for at least 30 days after your purchase to avoid remembering exact details. 

The Takeaway

Receipts provide a paper trail for both customers and vendors. If you do not receive a receipt originally, you are well within your right to ask for one. If you lost or damaged your receipt, most stores can reprint receipts if you have the right information. Now that you know that stores can reprint receipts gather your information and contact the store to get your proof of purchase.

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