Does Walmart Take Old Oil

Let’s say you like to save a few dollars, and you change the oil in your car. Then you’re left with a few gallons of old oil that can’t just be dumped down the drain or in the grass! When you’re looking for places to take your oil, stop to ask: does Walmart take old oil?

Yes, Walmart takes old oil that you are looking to dispose of. Ensure that the Walmart where you are taking your oil has an automotive center. 

Most Walmart stores can take used oil; confirm that Walmart has an automotive center. Keep reading to learn about some things to know when taking your old oil to Walmart and what to do if your Walmart doesn’t have an automotive center.

6 Things To Know When Taking Old Oil To Walmart

Now that you know that Walmart takes oil, here are some other things to know about disposing of old oil at Walmart.

You can’t just drop off the oil at any old Walmart. There are rules at Walmart, so make sure to follow them, so you do not waste your time. 

There Is A Daily Limit

You can only bring 5 gallons of oil to Walmart per day. 

If you have your own autobody shop or do oil changes for friends, you’re not going to be able to bring massive amounts to Walmart all at once. 

Walmart will only accept 5 gallons of oil per person per day, so don’t let the oil you have pile up.

Do Not Take Other Fluids To Dispose Of

Walmart does not accept all automotive fluids.

You can only dispose of motor oil at Walmart. The stores will not accept other fluids like transmission fluid or coolant. 

Do Not Take Oil That Is Mixed With Other Fluids

Do not mix your oil with other automotive fluids.

Don’t pull one over on Walmart employees by mixing fluids with your oil. This can create dangerous fumes that should not be breathed in.

Your Used Oil Will Be Recycled

Walmart will recycle your old oil.

This is another reason you shouldn’t mix fluids with your oil.

Walmart recycles used motor oil. Used oil can be refined and used for other things, so we don’t need to use more crude oil.

There Is No Cost To Dispose Of Oil 

Disposing of your oil at Walmart is entirely free.

Don’t worry about a fee to dispose of your oil at Walmart. You do not need to tip employees, either.

Giving your used oil to Walmart is 100% free of cost to you. 

The Oil Doesn’t Need To Have Been Purchased At Walmart

You don’t need to show a receipt that your oil was purchased at Walmart.

Walmart will accept oil no matter where it is from, so don’t get concerned that you do not have a way to show that your oil was purchased at Walmart.

Walmart does this so the used oil can be disposed of properly, so communities and people are not affected by improper disposal. 

5 Do’s And Don’ts Of Disposing Of Oil

If your Walmart doesn’t accept oil because it doesn’t have an automotive center, you have other ways of disposing of your oil.

Do: Find Another Store Or Auto Parts Store That Accepts Used Oil

Walmart is not the only store where you can give used oil to. 

Other stores, especially those that sell auto parts, will also accept used oil, so do not dispose of your oil in other ways.

Since you will be going to a different store, do your research on the protocols at the store that you’ve chosen. 

Don’t: Dump Your Used Oil Into The Grass Or Down The Drain

Oil is not like water, so do not pour it into the grass or down the drain.

Oil is harmful to the environment, so you should not pour it into the grass. The oil will not absorb into the ground quickly, and when it does, it can be poisonous to plants and animals.

Oil is thicker than water too, so it can even damage your pipes when you pour it down the drain. Like with your grass, oil can be harmful, so you do not want that to mix in with your water supply. 

Do: Take It To Your Community’s Hazardous Waste Collection

Some municipalities or townships host hazardous waste collections where you can dispose of the oil.

Hazardous waste collections are safe ways of disposing of items or materials that should not be thrown out or poured down the drain.

To give you an idea of what else these collections take, think:

  • Electronics
  • Needles
  • Other flammable liquids
  • Batteries 
  • Chemicals

Don’t: Throw Your Oil In The Garbage Or Recycling

Oil is a hazardous waste, so it should not be in the garbage or recycle.

I know that you may not think about what happens after you dispose of your trash, but everything you throw out or recycle ends up in a landfill or recycling facility.

Oil cannot mix with other trash or recyclables. Plus, you do not want to potentially harm workers at these facilities. 

Do: Store It In A Cool, Dry Place Until You Can Recycle It

If you do not have the means to recycle your own, you can store it until you do.

You may not want to keep used oil on hand, but you should do so until you can dispose of it properly.

It is easy to store oil, thankfully. All you need to do is keep it in a cool, dry place like your garage, basement, or shed. 

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